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Requests for Urcare!

Millenia ago, when the seasonal courts first came in to existence Ghetea, the Goddess of Ice, gifted the Throne of Winter to the High King of the Winter courts as a symbol of his dominion over Winter itself. Today in Alkotas, this generous gifting from one of the Old Gods to the Fae Court is […]


The First Vampire

Once, long ago, there was a paladin by the name of Drak who served Laethanta, the Goddess of the Sun, faithfully and loyally. Such was his dedication to her ideals and to law that the Goddess herself grew to love the Paladin and he in turn loved her. With each new deed and act of […]


Spotlight on the Cuirizu

The Cuirizu were created a long time ago as an offshoot from a prompt I was given for an online Text-base RPG. Myanna was the first of the Cuirizu to be created and over time I wanted to fill in more details about her race and what they were all about as well as show […]

At a Glance: Kyridwen’s Faith

Millenia ago the Old Gods ruled over the world of Alkotas. As the populations of the world began to grow and shape the way the world behaved based on the rules the gods had set forth, the Old Gods began to enact “Guardians” of certain aspects over which they ruled. But as time went on […]


Welcome Everybody to Renezuo.com, the place in which I’ll be operating out of from here on out! As many of you know, I’ve been running a Patreon for a couple of years now. In that time I’ve discovered the benefits and limits of that format. It’s definitely got a lot of artists out there and […]