For this month’s Kupaa Jam we decided we wanted to take an old image of at least 5 years or more and redo it with today’s tools and skills. I remember when I first did this picture of Myanna and Gwen in 2010 I really liked how it turned out, but it’s a well known fact that art ages poorly in the eyes of its creator and it only took a couple years before I didn’t consider the pic worth showing anymore. I have a lot of pinup type things from this same time period that I wanted to redo as well, and I still might find the time for that… but I thought it would be more interesting to show something with a little more movement and emotion to actually showcase a more stark difference in 2010 and 2019.

This image will be directly tied to the Mistress of Fellgrove story in one of the upcoming chapters, FYI. So if you’d like to get a little more of the meat of the story there, it’s coming soon.

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