For the Summer pic for the Kupaa Kollab I knew right away I wanted to do something for Night Wave, it always has a distinctly summery feel for me. Nearly everything tied to the retro aesthetic does really.

After finally coming to her senses in Boston, Meghan begins to acclimate to the new time period she finds herself in and soon enough finds out that her younger sister Gwendolyn is alive and well down in the city of Miami. Though Gwen is from Boston she moved to Miami years prior to get away from family and the constant shifting of politics in the community of Hidden in Boston. Miami, for the most part, is more stable due to it’s dominance of another non-fae variety of Hidden.

Though Meghan and Gwen have a fair deal to patch up, such as Gwen basically abandoning her in the Danvers asylum to rot, the two are starting to find some reconciliation during Meghan’s visit. Of course a little late afternoon sweets never hurt.

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