“I saw her once, the Primogen of the Golden Sepal, during the first War of Trees. I’ll never forget how radiant she looked when she crushed the life out of everything that stood in her path. I see it sometimes still, in dreams.”

Last week I lost a close friend of mine. I had known her almost as long as I’ve been out of high school. She’d been battling some health issues for quite some time but it appeared for the most part as though she might have been on the mend. Suddenly things took a turn for the worse and she needed a new liver and shortly after that she had widespread organ failure and passed away. It came out of the blue for me.

Much of Codex Alkotas as a world has been worked on for many years, sometimes being overhauled and brushed up to make things mesh better. In the early days of building out my world Kristen was there with me to bounce ideas off of. We collaborated on art often and it didn’t take long for us to start meshing our stories and narratives together as well. She created two orders for the Cuirizu, The Scarlet Thorn and the Golden Sepal. She also created many characters for these orders and I’ve drawn a few myself. As she became more sick over the years she had less time for this sort of thing but I would still update the characters a bit and when I introduced the “Unbound Form” for cuirizu all of the Primogen needed to get one. I did the one for Velene, the Primogen of the Scarlet Thorn, but had not done one for Alliyah, the Primogen of the Golden Sepal. I had become very busy and I told Kristen I would circle back around to it when I got the chance.

Years later and I hadn’t done it and suddenly she’s gone. Its absurd to feel guilty over this sort of thing because she was never upset about it. She wasn’t like that and she was always a supporter of my work no matter what. But having a catholic childhood instills one with a phenomenal capacity to feel guilt over some of the most ludicrous things. Even so, I wanted to do something as a tribute to her. So here is Alliyah, the Primogen of the Golden Sepal in all her glory according to as much of Kristen’s sense of design and Aesthetic as I could manage. I used original concept sketches from years ago and built off of those and tried to include ideas and themes I knew from her specifically.

She will be missed. I would also like to urge everyone to check out her art and pay your respects in the link provided. If you would like to help her fiance and family out with the expenses that ballooned seemingly overnight for all of this please see his funding HERE. They’re not asking for a whole lot here and I figure with all that he’s gone through and lost the expense of burying the love of his life should not be added to all of it.

This was done as part of the big Kupaa Sping theme, Kristen loved the colors and Aesthetic of spring and plant life. I set aside the piece I was working on for the theme already to do this pic as a tribute to her instead. Hope you all enjoy it as much as I did making it.

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