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Robin is one of my oldest characters from back in the day when Vampires were still kind of cool. I played a lot of Vampire the Masquerade and that was around the time she came into existence. I ported her over to my own original world years ago and she’s always been a character pretty close to my heart even when I’m not drawing her all the time. Though there was totally a time when I drew her almost as much as I draw Myanna now.

In Codex Alkotas Robin is a vampire of the Lilim bloodline, she specializes in ancient knowledge and finding ways to adapt the spells of living magic to the power of the blood that fuels Vampires. In Alkotas, vampires lose their connection to magic as humans know it when they are turned and have to make due with magic items, the supernatural abilities of the vampiric condition, or learn the intricate powers hidden within the Blood. Blood magic is one of the only forms of magic that works for both the undead and the living but in the hands of the undead it can do some truly spectacular and horrific things. In Robin’s hands… even more so. Robin specializes in Lightning and the raw manipulation of Blood itself, though she has a collection of other spells and rituals for specific occasions. In the absence of her magic she is still a threat at a distance being skilled with Crossbows and Firearms alike.

This image is actually a remake of one of the images I did of Robin a LONG time ago. I’ve always liked the idea but my art doesn’t age particularly well so I thought I’d give this another go.