When Olcaru came to Alkotas she brought with her nothing but pain, suffering, and death for those opposed to the Abyssals. For 11 years the group washed over the land of Zelmesca like a tide of darkness and chaos, warping even the magic of the land itself wherever they went. What seemed like an inevitable victory for the Order of the Crimson Light was suddenly halted and turned back and the Order was forced to do battle on two fronts. Olcaru, the Living Goddess, changed the war and the lives of every member of the Abyssals.

Olcaru appears is Mistress of Fellgrove, with this image being inserted into chapter 1 alongside the image of Myanna that I did there as well. More to come featuring Olcaru in the near future and more content for Mistress of Fellgrove coming soon.

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