Elaina is a character I’ve had around for a while but haven’t had much of a chance to do much art of. Mostly she’s just not involved in the main storylines I’m working with in Codex Alkotas, though I do have one on the back burner that she features prominently in. I designed her originally about ten or more years ago and she pops up every so often, even while I’m working on other things because I just really enjoy doing work of her. She was one of the first Primers I ever did actually, which I’ve included in this post as well for convenience.

What’s she like? Well she’s a bit playful and kind of optimistic, she comes from a version of Alkotas that exists within another reality and much of her upbringing was abusive. The whole of that world was considerably worse off than this one for people with good hearts and as soon as she set foot into “this” Alkotas she felt as though a weight had been lifted. She’d been rescued from a life of shame and darkness and after taking some time for herself to enjoy she took up her sword and sought to do the same for others.

She’s inherently magical, and with a little bit of training has learned how to channel that magic through martial combat as a sword mage. She has a natural talent for it, but she also has a temper that can get the best of her sometimes and force her into making foolish mistakes.

This Alkotas version of her sister Kaethe is a vampire, and is the one responsible for saving her. She’s loyal to her and harbors feelings for her that she probably shouldn’t. Elaina is aware of this problem and how twisted it is, considering her actual sister in the Dark Alkotas was the main abuser for most of her life. She hopes that in her travels she can put these things out of her mind and meet new people to foster relationships with.

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