Final Fantasy VII was one of the big games of my youth. It was big on the Playstation at a time when I didn’t have one but a short time later it came out on the PC and I managed to get my little mitts on a copy. Problem was, my PC couldn’t run it. I remember it being one of the few times my dad sort of dropped everything to fix something I was hugely distressed about, we had a new computer that night which was…. absolutely unheard of in our household and that kind of thing never happened again. I played the game for days on end eating very little and staying fixated. The characters were more fleshed out than anything I had played at the time really and I couldn’t get enough of those summons. Also Tifa. All the ladies were a big part of my experience as a teenager but especially Tifa.

Since then, I’ve been fairly critical of the franchise. Namely because all attempts to follow it up just don’t ring true and feel a little on the hollow side. People who hail Sephiroth as the best villain in a game get big eyerolls from me too. What’s so badass about a guy who stabs church girls in the back while they pray? Come on.

And yet when it re-released I picked it up and started playing. I was skeptical I would get as engrossed in it as I had as a kid. But let me tell you, it’s been damn near 15 years or so since I played this game and the experience now is totally different from when it was then. The characters are actually better, I’m a little trickier with the Materia system. Also Tifa.

Tifa still holds up after all this time and I just could help but want to start drawing some stuff of her. I did a few variants and put them up for a vote on twitter and the variant called the “Ren Skin” which is a generic redesign with no theme or intent other than what I think would look cool, was the one that won a full fledged color image. I was pleasantly surprised and immensely flattered by everyone who voted on my designs. I included all of them with one of the finished pics on the right. A couple more variants, like no text and futa, can be found in the members section.

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