“You know, when I was younger this sort of thing just didn’t happen. Think about that for a moment and let it really sink in, because when I was just a sprout the Imperium was still in a period of expansion. All through the forests you had elves and fae alike devising entirely new tactics to combat this absolutely huge army that rolled over literally everything. The might of the tallest oaks seemed as nothing to them. But when it came down to it the Imperium didn’t do things like this. The fight was man to man, organized, tactical, with intent and purpose. Even as unapologetically greedy as an intent as it was they still had it and they executed it with a semblance of order. But this war they’ve had here feels like nothing but chaos, children bickering over scraps well after the table’s been cleared.” Thais sighed and took a bite of his apple as he adjusted his posture in the bow of the tree, his leg swaying in the open air as it hung over the side, “What do you think, Fred?”

Thais looked over to the small stone statue covered in moss sitting in the tree with him. It was vaguely person shaped with a smooth, almost featureless, face; it’s body undeveloped and small like that of a child. The head, which was slowly being overtaken by moss, was roughly the size of the remainder of its body and was tilted slightly to one side, giving it an air of inquisitiveness.

“…No I only mean order in the sense that it was not left to Chaos. They didn’t come in and flail about,” he said through a mouthful of his apple. He stared at the small statue before blinking a little incredulously.

“Look, it’s not like I wanna go sign up, I just think the way they did things had at least a veneer of something to it that this newer generation is lacking. I mean if nothing else they had more style about it, right? We can agree on at least that much?” another pause as he stared, followed by a slow nod, “Alright, we’re at least on the same page there.”

Thais took another large bite off his apple and let out a long sigh, looking around at the forest floor as he ran his other hand through the lush green leaves on his head. It was quiet today, not much going on. In fact he hadn’t seen or heard much from any of the wildlife lately and there had been no songs from the Dryads out and about on their errands either. His train of thought was interrupted by Fred’s follow up to his statement. His head whipped around to look at him with an even more incredulous look than the first time, “The Gaogh!?”

Thais pitched his apple over the side and sat up, turning a little to face Fred, “That Gaogh had no style! There was no sense of artistry to their technology. Everything was cold hard surfaces and gray. Always with the gray, gray, gray. I mean sure they had those little blinking lights on things which were nice, but only at night, and if their whole aesthetic only works, and is best viewed, when it’s dark out, well… well I think that says a lot about them right there actually.”

Thais crossed his arms over his bare chest defiantly, waiting for what clever little quip or comeback Fred could possibly have to such a well-made point. After a second his posture relaxed and his shoulders slumped a bit, “Well…yeah. Obviously they were less damaging to their surroundings than the Imperium, they were more aware of how things worked and the consequences of their actions. At least now they do.”

Thais smirked, the Gaogh had been a race that hadn’t been seen in hundreds of years. They’d had advanced technology to such a great degree that as far as Thais had heard, had still not been duplicated since their disappearance, though many of the Zelmescans were digging up pieces of it now and making crude copies whenever they could. Their rapid rate of development in the field of technology had created the very thing that killed them so really Thais had made quite the clever joke, which Fred evidently had thought was in poor taste. The Alseid let out a sigh and rolled his eyes, “What? Too soon?”

Thais had thought it was clever, but really considering that Fred was made of stone he was entirely too sensitive to these kinds of things, “Look all I’m saying is the Imperium didn’t leave behind giant Dead Magic zones or let rampant mutations run amok or summon gigantic demons or hang out with blood sucking corpses in crypts. That’s all.”

Thais rolled his eyes at Fred and leaned back off the branch, holding himself with only his legs hooked around the branch to anchor him, “Whatever, I’m gonna do the rounds you sit up here and cry.”

When Thais was nearly fully upside down he unhooked his legs and let his momentum from the motion right him as he fell the fifteen or so feet to the forest floor to land with almost no sound despite the carpet of dead leaves that blanketed it in almost every direction. Thais turned this way and that, his brow furrowing slightly at the silence. Initially he’d thought perhaps it was a lazy day but something felt “heavy” about this silence. He extended one arm until his hand was roughly eye level and began to run it slowly over the horizon, dousing the distance reaches of the forest for a little insight as to what was transpiring.

Alseid had a connection to the forest, it was in many ways an extension of themselves the way that Dryads were linked to their trees. Thais was capable of extending his sense through the forest, using each plant from the smallest blade of grass to the tallest tree as a point of sensory input. The more input he took or the farther away from which it came though, the less aware Thais would become of his immediate surroundings. The limits to his range were tied directly to the links he’d forged in the spiritual reflection of the forest itself, and often where the extent of his influence ended another Alseid’’s influence would begin…or something more powerful.

In the west of the Mistwood was where he felt the weight of the silence grow and so he focused his attention down on the area, closing off input from other points to get a more clear picture of what it was that was transpiring. As events came into focus he felt a chill run down his spine, feeling an unclean touch of night at midday alongside a battle that raged in the domain of the vampires. Thais reigned in his senses and opened his eyes slowly to look skyward, in the brief time that he’d been dousing the forest everything had grown dark. He stepped sideways toward the tree he’d been sitting in and sunk into the trunk of it as easily as mud, emerging from one of the thickest uppermost branches in the same fashion only a moment later. There above the treetops high in the sky where the sun should have been hung a inky black orb with only a hint of the sun’s corona around the edges.

“This is exactly the kind of thing I was talking about.” he muttered to himself, turning his gaze to look out amid the treetops. Eclipses weren’t the sort of thing that defied the natural order and would bring silence to a forest caught in it’s shadow, but one conjured by dark magic certainly would. Nature on the ground had a way of knowing such things, keeping track of certain cycles and when such things were due. The age of many of the spirits and trees in the forest made it so that recalling the span between eclipses was as easy as recalling what one had for dinner last week.

There was movement closer to him, perhaps a couple hundred yards from where he was standing, and Thais squinted despite the fact that he wasn’t detecting the movement with his eyes. It wasn’t an animal and the forest was responding to it in a strange way, one that he didn’t recognize. Without a moment more of hesitation Thais sunk back down into the branch and emerged only enough from another tree as to observe the disturbance with his own eyes.

Moving through the trees was a tall cloaked figure who’s gait and rough shape seemed to indicate that it was female. Where many people moving through the forest would weave around thick areas of undergrowth this one did not, rather she would make a motion of her hand and the small ground plants would part to the side for her. Branches too were moved in this way, so as to create a path of least resistance for the individual rather than finding it herself. Phyllomagi, or Plant mages, weren’t usually something that Thais took issue with. The rude gesture of working such vulgar magic in an Alseid’s domain would have earned a grumble from Thais and likely nothing more. When he was younger he would pass the time messing with travelers who even stepped the smallest bit out of line and Phyllomagi had always been some of the most fun because really he was teaching them life lessons that they could always carry with them. He was prepared to dismiss the event entirely until he caught sight of the emblem embroidered on the back of the cloak, that of the Abyssals.

Thais knew of the Abyssals. It wasn’t just that they had been the ones to start the war he’d been griping about all morning or the battles they had fought across the realm with the other factions, but rather the Alseid they had sacrificed in the southern part of the realm to secure their dominion over their territory. He didn’t know what vile rites they had performed to do it, but the whole of the Alseids influence had been transferred upon her death over to some mage in the faction. Even with how little the various Alseid of the realm had been speaking to one another these days, they had all been sure to communicate this crucial bit of information to one another. The death of a single Alseid had an enormous impact among their kind due to how rare the birth and death rate of their people were. They were beings of spirit and nature, thought to have emerged from the Faen an untold number of years ago, with existences measured to a considerably longer scale than nearly every mortal race. Thais was young for his people, but the weight of a loss of one of their own was not lost on him.

Thais moved from tree to tree now, using his forestwalking to remain absolutely silent as he stalked the Abyssal that trespassed in his forest. He wasn’t sure what it was he was going to do, he didn’t have a plan really. The only thing that filled his mind now was the loss of that Alseid, of the sacrificial rite they had performed on her, and of what it could mean for them to be here now. He was not going to be taken as fuel for dark magic for demonic powers, he was going to have to act. But as the reality of that began to settle in, he felt himself at a loss of just what it was that he could do. Killing an Abyssal would not be effective, they could and likely would send more to investigate why it was one of their members had gone missing. Then he would be back in this position, but with more of them, further down the road. What he needed was to send an Abyssal out of here with a reason to never return.

He sunk back into the tree he was poking his head out from and emerged upside down from a thick branch overhead and behind the Abyssal. He was in free fall for only a moment before flipping his body around and landing soundlessly only a few yards from her. Though he’d been completely silent as he always was, she had detected his presence all the same and began to turn. With a snap of both hands he pulled at invisible threads that connected him to the forest and a torrent of roots lashed up out of the ground to sweep the legs out from under the Abyssal and then slam down on top of her to restrain her.

“Whatever business brings you to Mistwood, Abyssal, ends here.” he opened his hands and moved them apart slowly, causing select roots among the mass to dig into the cloak and tear it and a satchel she’d worn beneath it from her. More and more of the smaller roots pulled aside, leaving only the thicker ones to restrain the woman by her arms and legs.

Thais approached to take stock of the woman and was surprised to see her already doing the same with him. He was plain by most people standards for exotic forest beings, being that he was slightly shorter than the average human male with a small mass of leaves atop his head approximating hair and which he styled as such. His skin was the color of birch bark and his eyes a mossy green. He wore only a simple loincloth and a pair of sandals in the Solacine style that went up to about mid-calf which he wore for style more than anything, he could traipse the whole of this forest barefoot and never one stub a toe or cut his foot open.

She, on the other hand, was another story. She was taller than most men he’d seen with dark skin and lush green hair that was slicked back with the exception of the spiked shock of it she let run wild on the right side of her face, a face which was dotted with half a dozen metallic piercings from her eyebrow to her nose and down to her chin. Though she wore a leather corset with gloves that went to her biceps and boots that went to her thighs, there was a great deal of exposed skin for the roots to have scraped her in the disrobing of her cloak, and yet there was not a mark on her. Her eyes were a crimson red and she seemed to regard him with a calm severity that he had not expected. He wasn’t sure quite what he had expected, more panic perhaps.

Thais reared himself up on the balls of his feet, knowing that he would need every inch to appear intimidating to someone as tall as she was, “Your kind aren’t welcome here, not after all you’ve done.”

“Well now, that’s quite the threat, little boy.” she mocked sharply, “But I don’t think you realize who you’re messing with.”

“Little Boy!?” he snarled, his anger now getting the best of him. He appeared young, perhaps in his early twenties by human reckoning, but to liken him to a child was a stretch. More so, Alseid honed and crafted their forms after every winter and Thais had taken many shapes over his lifetime with this one being the one he’d come to like the most. And she was just spitting all over his craftsmanship, “The level of contempt and disrespect that your people have shown mine is nothing short of infuriating. No more Alseid will suffer the humiliation and degradation that the Abyssals have brought upon us, not one more! I’m going to teach you a lesson you won’t soon forget!”

The roots dug into her corset at the edges and hooked under the leather thong she wore with it and tore them from her with ease. Parts of the seams popped and the buckles snapped as they came away in pieces before being discarded, revealing the woman’s nipples and sex both pierced with metal rings. So hot was his rage that his mind went immediately to hooking them with roots and ripping them from her just to make her suffer. His grip on her arms tightened as he parted her legs and lined up a viciously coiled mass of roots for the space between.

“And you’ll do this by threatening me with a good time?” she snorted with a bit of a smirk on her face, “In the hopes that I’ll never return?”

Thais hesitated, feeling his conviction for what he’d intended begin to falter. With all of the piercings across her body and the tattooed marking barely visible above the long leather glover, perhaps she was devoted to the art of pain? That made the process of ravaging her with roots and branches take on a whole other quality indeed. She moved her hips a little as if beckoning him to continue, “Well come on then. I’ve never known an Alseid to be into this kind of thing so this could be a worthwhile distraction for me before I get back to work.”

Thais wasn’t sure if the heat in his face was from anger or embarrassment, she’d caught him off guard in both respects and he was losing his focus. The way she moved made him consider making a game of this, maybe he could convince her through her kink to forget she had ever been here or ever seen him. He became aware of his arousal briefly and how long it had been since he’d been with someone. Thais wasn’t inexperienced, in fact he’d taken many lovers over the years as both a man and a woman with both men and women, depending on what form he’d crafted for that time. The war had put a real damper on mischievous sexual encounters with travelers in the woods however.

“What could you possibly know about the Alseid” he grumbled, forcing his baser desires down to allow his anger a path back to the surface, “Other than how they fuel your rituals.”

“Mmmm a great deal actually.” she said in a throaty voice, her eyes locking with his as the movement of her hips came to a stop, “You’re known among my people. Forest spirits that originated from the Faen and when the physical world here proved to be too harsh for your tender minds you sought solitude in the Spirit World where you’ve existed ever since. You still act like fae and your magic is even sort of similar but you’re not one of them anymore, you exist apart now.”

Thais felt the heat of his anger snuffed out in a sudden cold wind of dumbfounded surprise, it was a condescending but accurate summary of the Alseid above that which he would have expected from either a common Phyllomagi or an Abyssal. He felt the link he had with the roots suddenly deaden and release as they lifted her up of the ground to set her gently on her feet before sliding off of her in a distinctly sensual way, “Your people.” he repeated in a croak.

“The Cuirizu.” she grinned wickedly, a whip fashioned from a thorned vine formed in her grasp as she brushed some of the hair from her face.

Thais turned and sprinted in the opposite direction, realizing the mistake he’d made in getting too close to the plant demon. His speed was considerable though, able to easily keep pace with darting deer and all manner of plant life that ran through the woods on their best days so he would only need a moment to rectify his mistake. He made for the nearest tree to combine his speed with his forestwalking to get the distance he wanted, but instead of merging right into the tree as he had countless times before he collided with it solidly at full speed. His vision lit up with explosions of color as he practically bounced off of the trunk of the tree and staggered to one side. He couldn’t feel his connection to the tree, he’d been cut off from it the way he had been the roots that had bound the woman.

“Leaving so soon, boy?” she laughed, and before he could manage to turn in her direction he felt something wrap around his ankle in time with a whip crack. The spots that filled his vision were joined by a few more when his leg was pulled out from under him and he hit the ground hard, his head bouncing off of another one of the many roots he had gathered above the soil just moments ago.

She began to pull him toward her and in a desperate attempt to buy himself a moment to collect his wits he hooked his arm up under the root to resist her. She gave only one tug before releasing the hold of the whip from around his leg, despite the fact that she could very likely have won the contest of strength after a few moments. Thais scrambled to his knees and with another crack of the whip felt a line of flesh stripped from his back, causing him to fall forward over the thick root in a pathetic roll. She hadn’t waited because she knew. She knew if she kept him off balance like this he would never be able to muster a defense against her.

Thais sprung to his feet despite knowing it made him an easier target and with a motion of his hand caused a mass of splintered wood to erupt from the bark of the root itself to cover his retreat. With a swift singular motion of her arm the whip cracked in multiple places, striking any of the slivers that might have harmed her from the air, “Is that all?” she scoffed before another crack of the whip caught him around the neck and pulled him forward back over the ragged root and onto the ground in front of her.

The mockery managed to cut through his punch drunk fugue for long enough that he was able to get to one knee and bring a hand up with a wordless scream of anger, causing a massive eruption of every leaf around them for ten feet in all directions to converge and wash over her like a crashing wave. One leaf was nothing, but the sheer volume that he moved could have buried anyone alive under their weight. His mind was already reaching out to the nearest tree he could sense for a follow up maneuver when she cut through the mass of the leaves with her free hand and struck him with a fist in the nose like a battering ram. He was sure the force of it would have carried him a good ways back if it were not for the whip still wrapped around his neck which she choked up by wrapping a portion of its length around her own arm and yanked. He was jerked back forward and down where he was once again brought to a stop with her knee colliding with the point she’d struck with her fist only a half second before.

He fell heavily into the loam once again, the taste of sappy blood filling his mouth. Had he been human he was sure he’d have lost consciousness after the first hit, but an Alseid properly anchored to his forest was considerably more durable than any human and healed much more quickly. If he could just buy himself a little time, just a minute or two…

“Get up.” she snarled as she took a handful of his leafy hair and lifted him off the ground to bring him eye level with her, “Absolutely pathetic, even for a boy. The Alseid sacrificed by the Abyssals was female and she put up more of a fight than this, I’m sure.”

Thais legs kicked and his arms flailed in a desperate attempt to get at her, his anger still present despite his diminished capacity to function. He managed to get a hold of the side of her face with his left hand and begin to dig in, cuirizu had a plant-like physiology not dramatically different from his own. With enough effort he could push right through her resistance and take control, but as soon as he began the attempt he could see in her eyes that she knew exactly what he was doing. Her grip tightened and she hurled him right back down into the ground, stomping down onto his chest with the heel of her boot with such force that, again had he been human, would probably have killed him. All sense and direction had been knocked out of him leaving only the instinct to survive, his hands clawed at the leather of her boot desperately trying to get up to the thigh where he could make contact with her flesh. His efforts were cut short when she leaned over and slammed another fist into his skull, bouncing it back off the ground with the force of the strike.

“Take control of ME?!” she seethed, the whip around his neck tightened and lifted his head back up only to be met with another blow from her fist, “You miserable little shit, you can’t even keep control of what’s already yours and you’d dare try for me? No one controls me!”

Blow after blow struck him in the face and skull, the whip holding tight as she continued to pummel him furiously. He couldn’t see or think, his body had stopped responding and he had gone limp simply taking the punishment she was dishing out. Never had there been a time where he had been so easily handled. It wasn’t that her power was leagues above his, because it wasn’t. Had he not been so soft and lazy he would have easily outclassed her with his command of the forest. She’d baited him though and she’d used what power she had with enough precision that she’d been able to leverage her superior physical strength to the fullest extent.

“P-Please! Mercy! I yield, I yield!” he sputtered, thinking that it was the only option he had to survive the encounter with the demon. He managed to force one of his eyes open when another fist didn’t come immediately and he could make out the blurred shape of her cock and her fist held back, simply held there in hesitation.

“Mercy?” She hissed, taking a hold of him by the hair once again and throwing him up against a half buried boulder covered in moss, “Yield?”

Thais didn’t dare move, leaning up against the side of the boulder with his hands up to show he had given up, “Please. No more.”

The Abyssal jabbed a finger into his chest and leaned close, “After all that talk, after all your threats…what happened to ravaging me with roots and vines? What happened to making me regret I’d ever come here? Hm?”

“I-I may have made a mistake.” He stammered, spreading his hands a bit. The fact she was even speaking with him was a positive sign. All he had to do was stall for time for a little longer and he would be able to recover enough to form an actual plan that didn’t involve begging, even now his vision was beginning to return to him in full.

“I’d say you made a pretty damn big mistake!” she bellowed and he actually flinched at the sudden rise in volume. She pressed a hand to his chest, pinning him rather firmly against the cool surface of the boulder behind him.

“What was I supposed to do!?” he pleaded, fear that she would resume her beating before he had a chance to recover setting in, “I couldn’t just let you and your people corrupt my forest the way you have others! I couldn’t become another ritual sacrifice in your dark magic!”

She wrapped her arm around the whip, choking up on it a bit and tightening its grip around his neck. The numerous thorns that lined its length bit into his flesh once again. She leaned down, pressing herself against him and speaking against the side of his face through her teeth, “That is exactly what you have done. You have let an outside force come in and take everything you swore to protect, you have failed this forest and everything in it. There is nothing stopping the Abyssals from doing here what we have done in the south…”

He felt a wave of despair come over him as her words bit deeper than the thorns of the whip and broke him down faster than the blows from her fist. She was right. His arrogance and complacency had got the best of him and he’d failed to prepare for genuine threats in a time where there were plenty to be had. She had played him, manhandled him, and he’d not managed to really lay a hand on her in any meaningful way.

“…except me.” she finished and the world seemed to grind to a halt, his gaze shifted slowly to look at her without moving his head an inch.

“You?” He stared wide eyed at her for a moment, not fully understanding what she was saying.

“Me.” she growled, “I can keep the worst of it from happening if I have a reason to do so, I have sufficient rank within the Abyssals to make that happen.”

“And what would you want from me?” he wondered, after all such an offer wouldn’t come without a price. After everything that had happened, she wasn’t going to just gift it back to him and be on her merry way.

“You.” she said darkly, the thorns biting just a little deeper as the grip around his neck tightened. Her breath on his skin made him consider what it was she was saying, what it could mean for him and again he could feel a rush of arousal trying to make itself known through the gravity of the situation.

“Me?” he quavered.

“Yes. You. By sparing your life it will have become mine and by extension your forest. If these things were mine I would have no cause to bring ruin to them. I would actively wish to preserve as much of it as I could, wouldn’t I?”

There was a certain degree of logic to this, even for a demon. It seemed unlikely, to him, that she would be willing to throw something like that away. There was also the fact of the race of demon she was: a cuirizu. Cuirizu, with a few exceptions, didn’t generally engage in the despoiling of nature on a large scale. They had their own kind of affinity for plant life, using it perhaps more as a tool and bending it to their will rather than actually living in harmony with it. Such a connection was wholly self serving but if there was one thing you could count on a demon to do, it was to act in it’s own self interests. If he were to reject her offer, she might kill him and a forest with an Alseid to which it was bound would not die, but it would certainly not be flush with life the way it was now.

“You will do as I say, when I say, how I say it. My happiness is your happiness and it shall remain so for a year and a day.” her tone became a little more satisfied, reading his stillness and subdued posture as acceptance of the terms.

His hand flew up suddenly holding a dagger of wood he’d conjured into his grasp silently, bringing the blade of it through the taught whip and severing it. The section around his neck went slack as he brought the weapon around swiftly to plunge into her chest, only to find the speed of his motion turned against him as she seized him by the wrist, pivoted, and threw him over her shoulder to slam back down into the dirt where he’d found himself so many times now. Almost immediately her boot came down onto the hand holding the weapon and ground it into dirt until his grip weakened, “I see you need a little more time to reconsider my offer.”  She leaned over, taking the small dagger and tossing it off into the bushes.

The Abyssal took a handful of his hair once again and dragged him up to his knees, “Or perhaps the key is to just make you mine.” She came around to the ground of him and gripped his head now with both hands, his face level with her twice-pierced pussy.

“…You’ve got to be joking.” he spat dryly, though he had to admit that the smell of her this close was quite to his liking. It reminded him of some of the dryads he’d been with, a sort of sticky-sweet quality to it that he’d always been partial to.

“Oh I’m quite serious, I take threats and promises alike very seriously.” she pulled his head up to her cunt, his nose buried into the small green tuft of her pubic hair while his mouth crushed against the soft pierced flesh of her wet sex. He didn’t open his mouth and he didn’t tongue her the way she wanted, planting his hands on her legs in an attempt to push himself away from her. All it did was further reinforce that she was physically stronger than he was. Whether his mouth was open or not didn’t seem to matter much to her though, with his head fixed in place she began to rock her hips forward, grinding her sticky sweet cunt against his face. He tried to struggle against her, giving a muffled protest that only served to get his mouth open enough for her flavor to make its way onto his tongue.

She held him there like that for a time, trying to fight against her strength and giving his muffled cries of protest as she fucked his face. After a few moments of forcing his eyes closed he allowed them to open, looking up at her to catch glimpses of her face beyond the dramatic curve of her breasts. Again his body wanted to respond, to push its way up through his anger and let him be taken away in the moment but he wouldn’t allow it.

“What’s the matter?” she jerked his head back and to the side, his face slathered in her juices, “Lost your stomach for this sort of thing all of a sudden?”

Thais stared up at defiantly, determined that he would not humor her fiendish perversion. Something about that look in his eyes must have told her that as she seemed to have a look of understanding when she met his gaze and she nodded, “Ah. I see.”

She spared a hand from one side of his head and held it an inch from her pubis, “You just don’t have much of a preference for pussy. I have just the thing for you.” Her flesh began to warp at the top of her slit, protruding out and forming a bulge that quickly became a phallus and finally a fully formed cock. She had no testicles to accompany it but the throbbing vein along the impressive shaft was indicative enough of its ability to function. The swollen head leaked a bit of precum that smelled the same as her pussy.

Thais’ eyes went wide with horror as realization of what she meant set in. He desperately tried to shake his head, which was little more than a wiggle even with just the one hand holding his head, “No don’t-” but as soon as he opened his mouth to speak she brought her hips forward, shoving the cock into his mouth. The hot girth of it pushed right past his tongue and to the back of his throat where he felt himself gag a little, tears building in his eyes.

“Shh, no need to thank me. Just suckle your new mistress to your heart’s content, but No teeth, you understand me?” she groaned with a hint of threat, his nose buried once more in the green pubic hair as the throbbing erection prodded at the back of his throat. The idea of biting down on her froze in his mind and he considered how fruitless such an effort would actually be now.

Thais coughed and sputtered as his body struggled to reject the hard rod of meat stuffed down his throat. Above him she brought her free hand to her breast and gave it a firm squeeze, her eyes half closing as she allowed herself a moment of indulgence, “Don’t keep me in suspense, my pet, work your mistress’ cock.”

The cuirizu moved Thais’ head back and he felt himself able to take a breath and blink away the tears that had been building in his eyes. Her hips too withdrew in a smooth backstroke and then slowly came forward once more, sinking the whole of her length into back into his throat until his lips kissed her pelvis once again. He’d lived a long time and he’d not always been male, it wasn’t as though it were the first cock that he’d taken in his mouth, he’d had many in fact. But he realized as his throat began to relax and his tongue ceased its pitiful attempts to fight her, that this was quite possibly the largest he’d ever taken. It was an adjustment in his thinking, but he considered that if he simply let her get off on him like this she might be satisfied enough to let him on his way to nurse his shattered ego.

“That’s it.” she whispered happily as she began to move her hips more smoothly, her pace growing a little faster as she did, “This isn’t your first time. I can feel it the way you relax your throat to let me fuck it.”

Thais wasn’t sure why, but something about her words reached out to that part of him that had been trying to assert itself time and again since he had first laid eyes on her. He could feel his cock harden with her praise and he found himself wanting more of it, he wanted to get something out of this. As she stroked her hips forward he opened his mouth just a little bit more, as much as he could manage anyway, and on the backstroke closed his mouth down tight to form a seal around her flesh. He could feel every vein and minute shift in texture once he had done so and it earned a groan from her almost immediately.

“That’s a good boy.” the cuirizu moaned, her hand kneading at her soft breast overhead a little harder now, every so often hooking one of her fingers through the steel hoop and tugging to add just a little extra stimulation to her nipple.

Thais head began to move on its own now, moving up and down the shaft and feeling the swell of the head across his tongue as his added movement added to her lustful pleasure. She gasped and groaned, taking her other hand off of his head to join the first. She was now pulling and massaging at both of her tits while bucking faster at his face which he met with definitive intent. He didn’t take his eyes off of her though, keeping his rage focused on her selfish erotic reverie and not on the throbbing of his own cock lest he risk losing himself in the moment entirely.

“Fuck yes,” the cuirizu hissed, licking at her lips briefly before widening her stance just a little, “Don’t stop. I’ve got a huge load to feed you, my pet. I want you to swallow every last drop of it.”

Thais supposed he should have expected such a demand of her, but there was something about putting words to it that added insult to injury. He didn’t want to swallow her filthy cum, even if the sticky sweet precum was indicative of how delicious it might be. But it was the inevitable conclusion and he would have no say in the manner, so he settled on simply staring daggers up at her in hopes that it would diminish the experience for her as she finally opened her eyes and looked down at him. It didn’t seem to.

But what he’d not considered beyond the taste was the volume, an oversight he was confronted with when she buried herself to the hilt and her mouth hung open and let out a silent ecstatic scream. The cuirizu’s body went tense from head to toe and one of her hands shot down to his head to hold it in place, her cock twitched and erupted with thick frothy cum that was just as a touch more saccharine sweet than he had expected but in an amount he couldn’t remember having taken from any male in his entire lifetime. Even after the cuirizu had surpassed that benchmark she kept shooting more, spurt after sticky-sweet spurt, down his throat and into his stomach. When she was finally done, after what felt like maybe four or give solid squirts of her seed, she slowly pulled the long she-cock from his mouth. When the end popped free of his mouth he fell forward a little to cough, one hand going to his throat to rub at it. It felt like she’d fucked his throat raw, “Damn it…”

“My seed doesn’t please you?” the cuirizu said in a tone of mock umbrage, holding her hand over her heart to further imitate vexation, “I thought that was what you wanted. You didn’t want any part of my pussy after all so I naturally assumed a nice thick cock was more to your liking. What with you harboring this for most of our torrid relationship thus far.” She pressed the tip of her boot against his erection which was all but impossible to conceal with little more than a simple wrap around his waist.

Thais took a few deep breaths to steady himself and then looked back up at her with his anger beginning to return once more. After she’d had her fun she was going to mock and degrade him still?

“Ohh, I think I know what the problem is.” the cuirizu concluded with a more level tone. She stepped around him slowly and took a hold of the back of his head once more, earning a growl of irritation from him. Instead of lifting Thais as she had a few times before she shoved him forward, forcing him to catch himself on his hands. She took hold of the wrap he was wearing and with a sudden heavy jerk ripped the majority of it from his body exposing the whole of his manhood from the hairless sack to the throbbing cock twitching with desperation for a little attention.

“My poor boy, you just want a little attention after all that hard work. That’s understandable.” the cuirizu reached under Thais to run her fingers from halfway up his shaft back to the soft velvet of his sack, “I’m nothing if not a fair mistress.”

The cuirizu’s fingers then ran over his puckered asshole and he realize only too late what was about to happen. He tried to scramble forward in a crawl to escape her only to have her seize him by the hips and pull him back against the slimy shaft of her cock, “I don’t have much in the way of lube, other than what you left me with, so we’re going to have to make do with what we have.”

The cuirizu brought her hips back, pressing the head of her throbbing cock to Thais clenched hole. He couldn’t believe that after the throat fucking she’d given him that she was still so hard. He tried desperately to move away again only to have her wrench him back into position by a handful of his hair.

“Come now,” the cuirizu reassured him, “So long as you don’t fidget and clench up it’s not going to hurt. We don’t want it to hurt do we?” Thais turned his head as much as he could from it’s new place in the dirt to look back at her only to find her already directly meeting his gaze. It was a warning, if he didn’t cease his resistance she’d force it and rip him open in the process. He took a few deep breaths and let the last one out slowly to let his body relax so as to better receive her.

“That’s better.” the cuirizu cooed, bringing her hips forward slowly just as she pulled his back toward her. He knew how this was supposed to be done, he’d done it before when he wore another face, the key was to “push out” as pressure was applied. He did this and as the tip of her crowned inside of him he bit back a hiss of pain, the length of time it had been since he’d done this coupled with her considerable size made it so there was no way to completely avoid any pain. He considered it a small favor that the slippery mix of his saliva and her cum had managed to linger on her cock long enough to make a passable lubricant as she sunk deeper into him inch by terrible inch until she was hilt deep inside of him. As the cuirizu let out a long deep groan of what sounded almost like relief Thais found himself resisting to do the same as the bit of pain he had felt at first began to give way to a dull throb of euphoria.

“Ohh yes, much better.” the cuirizu laughed, taking her hand from his hip and giving his ass a firm slap, “And so fucking tight too!” She took her hand from the back of his head and took hold of his ass now on either side, withdrawing the long thickness of her cock slowly before sinking back into him. Though he was thankful for the relatively subdued pace with which she was going, he knew it couldn’t last forever, it wouldn’t.

“Tell me how much you like it.” the cuirizu said in a low breathy voice now, her pace getting more aggressive and forceful with each successive stroke of her hips. He said nothing at first, biting his lip to keep himself from giving her anything to satisfy herself with, but after a moment of his silence she gave a few sudden, pounding thrusts of her hips, “Don’t lie to your mistress! Tell me you fucking like it!”

“I-I like it!” Thais stammered, hoping it would be enough for her pace to revert to its relative subdued state of before. She continued slamming her cock into him, each stroke feeling as though it was coring him out and reshaping his insides just for her while grinding up against something that caused a definite pressure to run through his loins. His cock twitched and throbbed with excitement, he was becoming desperate not to acknowledge the pleasure, but that was becoming more difficult to ignore with her increasing demands. His hesitance had not convinced her at all.

“Tell me you love my cock pounding that ass.” the cuirizu growled through clenched teeth, determined to get what she wanted and break him.

“I love your cock pounding my ass!” he exclaimed, conscious now of the swaying movement of his cock and the precum dripping from it. He didn’t know if she had noticed, he hoped desperately that she hadn’t. There was no hiding it though, he’d spoken the words with more sincerity than he had intended. Below him where his fluids dripped small plants began to take root in the fertile soil.

“Now beg me. Beg your mistress to fill your boy-pussy with cum!” the cuirizu demanded, the sound of her slapping up against his ass with every thrust seeming to follow each syllable of the words she spoke. Thais could feel his own cock throbbing, begging for its own release at the mere mention of hers now.

“I want it.” Thais whispered, offering a last feeble attempt to resist the cuirizu’s demands of him.

“Say the words!” the cuirizu ordered, “Call me your mistress.”

“Please Mistress” Thais pleaded, unable to hold himself back anymore, desperate for each of their climaxes. “Please fill my boy-pussy with cum!” It was hard to say for sure amid the motion but he could swear she became just a touch harder as he begged her.

“A year and a day.” the cuirizu continued, her breath coming sharply as she neared orgasm, “A year and a day you shall be mine and serve me just like this and any other way I see fit. You will obey my every order, do exactly as I say when I say it, and cater to my every desire. For a year and a day you shall be my pet!”

Thais did not answer immediately though this time it was not out of resistance or hesitation, but rather a moment where he’d lost himself in the butt-fucking she was giving him. The cuirizu might have punished him for it had she not felt him clenching down on her now, desperately milking her out of some latent instinct he’d been fighting against this whole time. She leaned forward to hook her arms up under his, her breasts pressing firmly against his back as she did, and then reared him back up into an arch. She kissed the side of his face as she spoke, “Swear it to me, my pet.”

“I swear it.” Thais panted, “A year and a day I am yours. I swear it!” It didn’t even sound like his own voice as he gave into her desires fully, allowing her to use him as her personal cock sleeve in the hope that he might be allowed to finally cum.

“That’s a good boy.” the cuirizu groaned with excited approval, “Now for your reward.” Thais felt himself nodding as her hips came more rapidly now, punishing his asshole with her cock. The force with which she moved him was such that he could feel his balls swinging back to slap at her cunt and piercings at the base of her cock.The lewd noises of their flesh slapping against one another was joined with moans, half of which were shamefully his. His cock drooled with precum almost continuously in anticipation of something to push him over the edge and into a true orgasm. That extra push came from her when he began to feel the spreading sticky warmth of her cum shooting deep inside of him. She hadn’t gone tense and still as she had before but rather carried right through, churning her cum up inside of him as she gasped and groaned obscene words of approval. He didn’t understand how it worked, but he let out a gasp of surprised delight when his own balls clenched up and squeezed out a thick long awaited load of cum onto the forest floor in front of him. Where each rope of cum he shot landed, a thick bed of moss and small plants sprung up almost instantaneously, something he did not immediately noticed with his eyes rolling into the back of his head as his body was wracked with orgasm.

Even then, the cuirizu wasn’t finished with him. Churning her cum up inside of him provided her all the lube she needed to give Thais a second run as vigorous as the first, to which he offered no resistance. He stared into space, at nothing in particular, allowing the full spectrum of the physical sensations wash over him and carry him away. She’d let him back down on to the newly formed bed of moss beneath them, which he found a welcome change of pace from the dirt he’d be slammed into time and again. The fight between them seemed like a far off memory, despite the fact that somewhere in the back of his mind was a disgusted part of him trying to bring him back to his senses to form a new plan of resistance against her.

The cuirizu worked Thais for another twenty or thirty minutes in which time he was fairly sure she had shot a few more loads deep inside him. After the volume of the first orgasm it was difficult in his mental haze to tell exactly when another of hers occurred. He continued to drool cum in thin little strands, feeding the bed of plant life that had continued to expand around the pair. Though he was fairly certain he’d had a second orgasm, he couldn’t say precisely if it had actually been distinct from the first one or if he’d been in a state of orgasmic leaking the entire time, simply oozing his seed at a continuous rate until she was finally done with him.

When the cuirizu was done and pulled her cock from his ass, he could feel the cum oozing down his backside and trickling down across his sack before joining the moss beneath them, “Let that be a lesson to you…” she dragged out the last word, her voice taking a tone that indicated she wanted him to finish the sentence.

“Thais.” he answered after he realized she’d been asking him for his name, “My name is Thais, and yours?”

She regarded him silently for a moment as if considering the nature of the question toward his mistress rather than the answer to the question itself, “Myanna.” Thais nodded, finally having a name to go along with the new direction his life was taking for the next year. In the grand scheme of things a year and a day was not all that bad, especially with how long of a lifespan he had. But he knew why she had chosen that very specific span of time.

Myanna stood without a word, the cock between her legs had not gone soft yet, though it was beginning to droop under its own weight. She looked around briefly before finding the spot where he had initially ambushed her and made her way over to collect her things. When she turned her back to him he noticed for the first time that she had two rows of piercings that ran down her back as well. Each row had four rings and between them a long black ribbon was threaded through them to give the appearance of a laced up corset. Thais had never seen such a thing before but found himself intrigued by the presentation it gave. He got to his feet much slower than she had, feeling a little bit of wobble in his knees as he did.

“….So what now?” he asked, following behind her by several steps as he got his bearings. All of the aggression had seemingly gone out of her once he had given in and given her what she wanted.

“Now?” she chuckled a little over her shoulder, stooping down to pick up the remnants of her ruined clothing and the satchel, “Now you’re going to find us a pond nearby to get cleaned up in before I resume my business.”

Thais gave a single nod of understanding as she did a quick inventory of the contents of the satchel. Even the slight motion of the nod pained him, his hand went up to his neck to rub at it. The cuts from the thorns had already healed but the muscle was still sore from all of the pressure that had been applied and how his head had whipped around in rapid succession more than a couple times. When Myanna was finished her inventory she stuffed the remains of the corset and cloak into the satchel with whatever else she was carrying and gave a sweeping motion of her hand, “Lead the way.”

Thais regarded her coldly for a moment, which didn’t seem to bother her at all, her posture was completely relaxed as she waited patiently on him. Finally he let out a sigh and turned, giving a brief wave of his hand as he did, “Right this way.” His voice had a distinct tone of resignation to it as he spoke.

“Mistress,” Myanna added correctively in a firm tone.

Thais froze in mid-step to turn halfway at the waist to look back at her, “Excuse me?”

“Right this way, Mistress.” Myanna repeated sternly, making a motion with one hand to punctuate the final word of the sentence to ensure he got it, “I am your mistress now. You shall regard me as such and show me proper respect.” When he didn’t immediately acknowledge the correction she raised a thin emerald brow expectantly.

Thais took a moment to hold back as much of his annoyance as he could, then in a huff, “Yes, mistress, of course.” it galled him to say it, but when he thought on the terms of the oath he made there wasn’t any way of getting around it. Though even if he had not made the oath specifically to that effect, he had to admit he might still have given in, if just to avoid another bout of physical abuse from her. He turned once more and led her through the forest without a word, uninterested in any further conversation for the moment, wanting instead to just nurse his wounded pride for a while. The west of Zelmesca, specifically in Mistwood, was riddled with various ponds and streams that continued out from Zelmesca Falls and Water Town. They fed into the interior before curving south and becoming the swamps and marshes of the south where the Abyssals had been located. It would come as no surprise to the cuirizu that there was a pond nearby for her to get cleaned up.

It was only ten minutes before they arrived at a small pond in a clearing fed by a peaceful stream from the west. Thais noted the rays of sun shining down through the treetops and realized as he looked skyward that there was no sign of the eerie eclipse that had occupied his attention before Myanna had arrived. He turned his attention back toward the cuirizu as she came up behind him and gave a brief motion to the pond with one hand, “Will this do?”

Myanna’s eyes searched the clearing briefly before they settled on the remnants of a toppled pillar that sat near the east side of the pond’s bank, “Yes, this is perfect.” she answered with a nod of her head. She made her way over towards the pillar as she began to undo the buckles and clasps of her long gloves and tossed them over the side of the chiseled stone covered in moss. Then she leaned against it as she repeated the process with the buckles of her thigh high boots as well.

Thais had to admit, as he observed her with her long leg stretched out in front of her to work the clasps, that when he wasn’t fighting her for his life she cut a rather alluring figure. He moved to take up a spot under a nearby tree when she stopped him. “You’ll be joining me so don’t go anywhere,” Myanna warned, “You’re in need of this much more than I.”

Thais face turned a little red with a mixture of anger and embarrassment before he looked down to examine himself. Myanna wasn’t wrong. The fight between them had covered him in smears of dirt, vegetation, and dried blood. He imagined that the his backside looked similar, with the addition of her semen that she’d smeared on him or which had leaked from him shortly after she’d finished with him. He ran a hand through his hair to feel the state of it and pulled away a few twigs and leaves in a single pass. His expression shifted to a pout and he let out a long huff, wordlessly agreeing with her assessment.

When Myanna got her boots off she took a moment to stand in the grass next to the pond and curl her toes several times with her eyes closed, taking a deep breath. Thais realized he must have had an inquisitive look because when she opened them again she began to explain immediately, “With my boots on I don’t feel as connected to the plants and earth around me. I have a certain distance from it. So when I take them off, I acclimate myself to the difference.”

“Why don’t you just leave them off all the time then if they cause a problem?” Thais wondered aloud, it seemed like a fairly simple solution to him. Myanna took a few steps over towards him, the ever present sway of her hips only slightly reduced without the high heeled boots.

“I wear them precisely to create that distance, it reduces the sensory input and allows me to focus on other things more easily.” she locked her eyes with his for a moment and he realized that her pupils weren’t round like a humans but actually vertical slits.

Myanna turned and made her way into the pond, speaking over her shoulder, “Also I find leather appealing, both to the eye and to the touch.” Without looking back at him she made a motion with her hand for him to follow and he did so without protest; a bath actually sounded rather nice now that he’d realized the state he was in.

Myanna waded into the pond until the water was level with her waist before bending her knees to allow herself to sink up to her neck. Thais followed, submerging himself completely as soon as he was able so he could wash the debris from his hair. When he emerged Myanna had moved to the far end of the pond where the rays of sun were the most prevalent, she leaned against a large rock and settled in to relax.

If Thais hadn’t known first hand what had gone on between them only half an hour prior, he would have found the moment truly relaxing. It had been quite some time since he had shared a dip with another person, let alone someone as beautiful as Myanna was, when she wasn’t beating his skull in or whipping the flesh from his back. Every time he thought of some aspect of her that appealed to him, he was careful to follow it up with something negative to remind himself not to get carried away. Myanna closed her eyes, leaning her head back, “You should relax a little, we’ll have a lot of work to do later so some sun with your soak will have to last you.”

Thais wasn’t sure what kind of work she was referring to and he felt a wave of apprehension at the thought of what it might be, but he would take a bit of rest now while he had the chance. He made his way over to the rock beside her and reclined in much the same fashion as she was, briefly glancing at the black tattoos of Abyssal symbols that ran down her left arm. Myanna took in a long breath and let it out through her nose but said nothing, simply relaxing with her eyes closed. In this state she didn’t look like a cruel demonic mistress at all, were it not for the markings he wouldn’t even have been able to connect her with the Abyssals at all. He watched her there for a time, contemplating her features before finally reclining and closing his eyes as well to allow himself to bathe in the rays of the sun. His physiology was not unlike a plants so the light of the sun actually provided him with nourishment and held restorative properties. He supposed that hers was much the same, which when he thought about it didn’t seem very much like a fiend at all.

A year and a day. He came back to the terms of his oath and how long he was bound to it, feeling a whole new wave of disgust and anger as he considered it. She had been very specific on the term, which itself spoke volumes as to her shrewdness and education on such matters. The Alseid were among a few races bound to the forces of nature either through the Faen or the Spirit World that were considered by many to be under the protection of one Goddess of another. Vida, the Goddess of Life and Rastlina, the Goddess of the Forest, were both considered chief among the deities that might take a personal interest in the wellbeing of the Alseid. To bind any such entity, including the Alseid, for more than a year and a day was considered punitive unless it were a Fae oathbound to one of their courts. It was the kind of thing that a deity with a personal interest in something might take notice of, so by securing the oath for that specific time Myanna had effectively hedged her bets to escape such divine notice.

Thais wondered why that was, the gods had not personally interfered in any matters concerning Zelmesca since before he had existed. Some clerics had even gone so far as to claim they’d not heard the voice of their gods in Zelmesca since it had been a Province of the Imperium, despite still being able to work their magics. Why would Myanna need to take extra measures to avoid divine scrutiny? He couldn’t think of a reason, but whatever it was it stood to reason that it was nothing good. He could do her no harm while oathbound to her, he had to obey her in all things to the best of his ability. But there was nuance to her wording. She had stipulated obedience to her orders when given, but if he could somehow maneuver around a given order somewhere in the space between them he might just be able to figure something out that would prevent her from gaining unfettered access to the Forest for the duration of his servitude.

He came out of his introspection to break the silence, needing to gather a little more information before he could decide on a course of action, “Mistress,” he began hesitantly, “You haven’t said what it is that brought you to Mistwood in the first place. What business is it that you have here?”

“An errand from my Goddess, Olcaru” she replied calmly without opening her eyes, “I’m to establish a new place for both her and those faithful to her.”

There it was. The Goddess of the Abyssals, who seemed to be an actual person by the sound of it, was relocating her base of operations. That explained what she wanted here and why she needed anything she did to remain beneath the notice of any other deities. Thais sincerely doubted that this Olcaru was a true goddess. But any being with a devoted cult backing it posed a significant enough threat as to be taken seriously, the fact that it was very likely some breed of fiend just put more emphasis on that fact.

“What sort of place?” Thais pressed, wondering specifically what it was she had been searching for in Mistwood other than generic empty land.

Myanna pursed her lips in consideration, “I’ve been giving that some thought myself, and I think I’ve decided it would be easiest to repurpose some ruins with how common they are throughout the realm and build up from there. It’s just a matter of finding some in fair enough condition in the proper area. I’ll customize the whole of them heavily when I find them so that they’re suitable for my own work as well as Olcaru’s.”

Thais nodded in understanding, a plan beginning to form in the back of his mind now, “I think I might know a place.”