Willowridge stood in the southwestern foothills of the Zelmescan mountains, an old fort from the time of the Solacine Imperium when the realm of Zelmesca had been only a province to the Empire itself. Centuries had past since it had been erected but the walls still stood strong and the structure reached as far down into the hillside as the rampants rose above it. Twisting corridors and old stone rooms had been repurposed time and again as prison cells or torture chambers by the various warring factions that conquered or reclaimed the ancient bastion. The whole of the Keep had been taken from the Zelmescan government by the High Cleric of the Abyssals 50 years ago. When that High Cleric passed it came into the possession of the current High Cleric Belias, a summoner with a considerable reputation for the beings he could conjure. When the Goddess came, he turned it over to her as a symbol of his fealty and devotion.

The keep overlooked a vast stretch of foggy swamp land filled with the kind of trees from which it drew its namesake. Much of the land itself was patrolled by lesser fiends or undead of some kind of another, making the approach to the keep that much more difficult than just the terrain and the location of the fort itself would have already done. It was a fitting dwelling place for the Abyssals, a faction of Zelmescans comprised primarily of Demon-Worshipers, demon-blooded, infernomancers, necromancers, and all manner of less savory magic users and occultists. It was through their command of such magics and beings that they were able to take the keep from the Zelmescan government that had appropriated it when the Imperium’s borders had shrunk centuries ago and left it behind for the taking. And it was through that garnered power that the strength of the undead and fiendish influences had grown, giving them an appropriate center of control and influence.

Myanna was familiar with Solacine Architecture and the preferred Imperial layouts. Even before she had become one of the Abyssals she had a clear image of where to find certain things within the keep in her head. The Imperium had standardized formats for a lot of things, classifications and specifications that keeps, castles, and other fortifications were built to. Modifications would be made over the years but for the most part once you’d seen one example of a given category of structure you had seen them all. The standardization is what made it possible for them to erect such large intimidating structures and what helped create the mental image of the Imperium strength in the minds of people all around the Broken Sea.

But it wasn’t Myanna’s familiarity with Solicine construction that had earned her a place in the Abyssals originally, it was the fact that she was actually a full blooded fiend herself. The Cuirizu were an obscure strain of fiend that people commonly referred to as ‘Plant Demons’, though they were more closely related to the slightly varied ‘Daemon’ than a Demon. The difference, for people not specialized in planar travel and the occult, was mostly a semantic one really. Most people couldn’t discern her true nature anyway, looking mostly human with a few exceptions.

She stood taller than most human women and even a good deal of human men with Mocha toned skin and a voluptuous, some might even say sinful, physique, but that wasn’t enough to tip anyone off to her otherworldly nature. Even her green hair and red eyes didn’t seem to raise eyebrows or be considered cause for concern, even when someone was up close and could see the hint of her  fiendish heritage in the way her pupils were slitted rather than circular like a human’s. The population of Zelmesca was so racially diverse, that anything short of an outright bestial physique could be chalked up to a drop or two of blood from any number of other non-fiendish sources of lineage.

After joining the Abyssals, Myanna had risen quickly within the ranks of the shadowy faction during the 11 Year War, a conflict raged with numerous other factions of Zelmescans that had presumably spun off of legitimate guilds and government branches or knightly orders once upon a time. The war had devastated the population and even the landscape of the realm itself, leaving behind wild and dead magic zones alike festooned with  appropriately terrifying creatures that roamed within their borders. Some of these new species and mutations could be exploited for tactical advantage or even as beasts of burden but the vast majority of creatures in the ‘wild magic zones’ were causing more problems than anything remotely beneficial for all sides of the war and were one of the few cases where you might find two sides working together against a particularly vicious specimen.

Myanna’s gait was a steady one as she walked through the ancient hallways, though there was  a definite sense of purpose in her stride that lent her speed. As she marched along, Myanna took notice of others she passed in the corridor, their eyes darting over to her to take in her figure and form with unapologetic desire before refocusing on whatever task it was they were supposed to be carrying out.
Each time she passed one of the dimly glowing magical light sconces, the numerous piercings in her face would catch the faint light in just such a way as to create a subtle, twinkling shimmer effect that further drew one’s eye. Combined with her height, physique, and choice of dress in the form of tight, skin hugging leather with generous spans of exposed flesh, and  Myanna could exude equal measures of lustful or intimidating presence. She drank in the attention and mild adulation instinctively, her ego fed daily by either one form of attention or the other with an intermingling of both being her ideal form of ‘tribute’.

Cuirizu were capable of consciously shaping their appearance to some degree, doing most of it when they came of age and changing little over the years that followed outside of significant events. Myanna had put a lot of time into crafting her image and the presence in a room that it created. When people took notice it was not only gratifying on a surface level of vanity, but also a sort of acknowledgment that the hard work she’d put into its creation having paid off.

Myanna was making her way to the dungeon though, so the number of people for her to pull that kind of attention from dropped off significantly the closer she got. A necessary sacrifice but one that paled in comparison to what was about to occur.

“Looks like you weren’t getting results with the new prisoners quite fast enough.” came a smug voice to her left. She knew to whom it belonged and she felt her body go a little rigid with disgust, her jaw clenching with irritation. Anyone who interrupted her during her bouts of self-indulgence could easily be said to have started things off on the wrong foot, but it was even worse when it was…

“Belias.” she acknowledged shortly. Myanna turned to face him, rearing herself up a bit on the balls of her feet in an effort to appear more imposing…despite how unneeded such a gesture was. Belias was a short, squat, greaseball of a man who always appeared to be sweating nervously to some degree. Even if he was a man of average height she would still be taller than him, but with his diminutive stature she positively towered over him by a significant degree. Add to that the fact that he was getting on in his years and what he had left of his hair was slick with perspiration, creating a disgusting gleam off the dome of his skull that Myanna couldn’t help but notice from where she stood.

All in all he was a disgusting specimen of a male , almost corpulent with how much he had let himself go, the kind of man that Myanna would write off entirely if it were not for his ability to command others and a handful of potent spells under his figurative belt. He was widely credited with summoning a fiend so massively terrifying that it had destroyed the Zelmescan South Gate and the entire settlement built around it in a single night, dealing such a singularly massive blow to the Zelmescan government that it had all but collapsed and kicked off the Faction War. He wore his typical High Cleric Vestments with numerous other pieces of jewelry, some of which were no doubt magical in nature to augment his defenses and abilities. A large garish jeweled amulet that hung around his neck served as his symbol of office within the Abyssals, a deep red flawless Ruby gleamed at its center.

“Your interrogations seem to have yielded nothing of any value and now the Goddess is displeased.” A infuriating smirk began to creep onto his conceited face as his eyes went level with her leather bound breasts and then moved over the rest of her body like a hungry dog. He could have nearly any woman under his command and certainly any they had as a prisoner in the dungeons, but Belias took a special kind of pleasure over ogling any woman of high rank that he perceived to have an advantage over. The more power that woman had, the more satisfying the perceived dominance over her it became.

“What are you talking about?” she snapped, the leather of her corset and boots creaking as she shifted her weight to be just slightly further from where he was standing not wanting to risk his oil contaminating her, “I’ve barely even begun on the wretches. Vampiric ‘blood bonds’ or no, they shall break under the weight of my-”

“So then why did the Goddess go down to the dungeons herself?” he interrupted, the smugness now creeping into the tone of his voice, though he tried to feign boredom with her now with an affected air of nonchalance.

Myanna said nothing for a moment, actively resisting the urge to grab a hold of his jaw and crush it into little pieces. She hated being interrupted and she hated this little show he was putting on for the sake of rubbing it in and to stoke his petty ego. Belias leaned on the archway of the passage he had emerged from, fiddling with the amulet around his neck, and continued his little dance of disinterest. Myanna’s head turned toward the main entrance of the dungeon, focusing on what was important rather than the small glisteny caricature of the small man.

“You saw her go down there with your own eyes?” she asked, forcing back any hint of anxiety in her voice. Despite how much the little shit pissed her off, if he was correct about Olcaru going down to see the prisoners she might actually have something to really worry about.

Olcaru was the Living Goddess that the Abyssal faction paid homage to. Before she had come Belias had been in charge and the majority of her cult got by with the usual statues, shrines, and altars to her to interact with and worship. But when she arrived in the flesh everything changed. There was a deep sense of meaning that was suddenly brought to all that they did and the power she was capable of wielding made many among the Abyssals feel that victory in the war was now inevitable.

But lately Olcaru had been behaving a touch erratically and all of Myanna’s attempts to earn Olcaru’s favor had been met with unmitigated failure. When she’d first joined Olcaru had taken quite the shine to her and Myanna had risen swiftly in the ranks, but she’d run into a wall recently that Myanna just didn’t seem capable of breaking through despite her best efforts. No matter how effective her sexual aura and intimidating presence were with nearly every other Abyssal, they didn’t seem to make a bit of difference with the one who mattered most among them. Myanna very much wanted to gain the attention and affections of the Goddess herself and yet, despite all her work and desperate planning, Myanna felt as though she was falling short more and more each day.

All Cuirizu had a strong sexual drive, not only because the sins of the flesh were the most succulent to them, but because they required members of other races that were not their own in order to breed. Cuirizu who bred with other cuirizu were at a much higher risk of producing pregnancies that could kill the offspring or even the mother. The worst of these scenarios spawned howling abominations of fiendish plant flesh called Cuirizathi that sought nothing but to destroy and spread without rhyme or reason, consuming everything in their path in a macabre mockery of their connection to life and living things. Normally cuirizu sought out mortals as a ‘stabilizer’ for the unpredictable nature of their own seed, usually mortals with particular talents or abilities, so that their offspring would have the chance of adding such talents to their respective order. But Myanna wanted Olcaru fervently.

She wanted her in a way that she could hardly put to words, in a way that preoccupied her thoughts almost hourly. Myanna existed in a near-constant state of agitation for every moment she was not at least in Olcaru’s presence and more so when she felt she was being denied access to her. Myanna had not had much cause to masturbate since she was young but her near constant desire for Olcaru was such that if she was unable to locate some hapless person to slake her lust on she would masturbate long and hard in her quarters just to be able to keep up a facade of coherency otherwise.

Olcaru was a staggeringly powerful Ustosizo, commonly referred to by mortals simply as a Chaos Demon which itself was a foolish and redundant designation. All Demons were created from the chaotic energies of the Abyss, but mortals had for some reason picked out the Ustosizo as personifications of those energies above all others and named them accordingly. The most powerful demons were capable of gaining worshippers and through the harvest of faith could add to their own power and influence in the infinite layers of the Abyss, carving out entire domains for themselves from the very fabric of that reality itself. The uppermost members of these demons were referred to as the Zloduch Vladce, of which Olcaru was a member of. Where the gods rose above the ranks of the celestials in the heavens, the Zloduch Vladce moved the will of the Abyss and commanded the throngs of demons therein.

Common wisdom among the cuirizu was that other demons posed a similar risk for breeding as other cuirizu did, but Olcaru could very likely have been an exception. She was powerful in a way few cuirizu encountered and Myanna had a theory that her command over chaos would allow her to manipulate the outcome of a pregnancy whether she or Myanna was to be the one to carry the child. She had come to the Abyssals with this theory and after being among them for a short time found herself smitten with Olcaru, worshipping her as all the other unworthy wretches here did.

“I did indeed.” Belias chuckled, bringing her back from what could become a full blown daydream of Olcaru and her together in slippery carnal acts. He appeared to be amused with what he perceived to be fear from her, but Myanna wasn’t experiencing fear but rather anxiety. Fear would have been what most would have experienced over the consequences of having failed the goddess. Myanna was more concerned with her disappointment in her. The prospect of falling even further from her good graces was made all the worse by the fact that it could be happening at the pleasure of Belias. And of course there would be Sano as well.

“Very well.” she said coolly, “I look forward to seeing the Goddess at work. No doubt she has insights on certain information extraction techniques that could be of use to me.”

The smugness in Belias face seemed to drain almost immediately. Turning a potential loss into an opportunity was never something he was particularly skilled at and it was never something he liked to see in others with who he was in competition with. It would often lead to him acting out and throwing some kind of tantrum.

He stood upright and took a step forward, “You’d better hope that’s the case Myanna.” he snarled spitefully, “If you’ve fallen out of favor with the Goddess, don’t think for a second that you’ll last long against my power when I bring judgement upon you. No number of allies or whorish thralls you’ve managed to collect will protect you, you hear me?”

Myanna’s head inclined slightly, now literally looking down her nose at the man who was supposed to be her superior, “Tell me Belias. Have you ever cast a spell with broken fingers and a mouthful of your own teeth?”

“And just what are you implying!?” Belias sputtered, his already red face growing a shade darker with indignant rage as he took an instinctive step back in his inherent cowardice.

“Hm? Oh nothing.” Myanna teased sadistically, relishing the way the tables had turned in their little altercation “It was purely an academic question as to whether you’ve ever seen it happen or known it to even be possible. Wording of spells needs to be precise afteral and the gestures rather critical. The more powerful the magic the less margin for error yes?”

Belias stared at her, knowing that taking any action against her would not go well with Olcaru even with things being what they were right now. Myanna reached out slowly, taking hold of Belias chin almost playfully, the leather of her glove keeping her from having to actually touch the slick wetness of his skin. She tilted his head easily to meet her gaze, demonstrating the ease with which she could do so with her strength.

“Relax Belias.” she cooed, “You get so worked up over things, at your age that can’t be good for your heart.”

Their gazes remained fixed on each other as the truth of it sunk in for him. Myanna was an alchemist and though she had a great deal of strength at her command to pummel someone into submission, she was much more likely to dispose of him through a more discreet manner should she decide it had come to that. His eyes widened and the redness in his face drained completely as he went white with the realization of what she was saying.

His hand came up suddenly to slap hers away and he took a step back, nearly stumbling as he found his footing. Myanna’s eyes remained fixed on him, the corner of her mouth curled slightly into a smirk now. The poor little man looked as though he’d just had a vision of his own death.

“Now, if you’ll excuse me.” Myanna turned on her heel to take her leave, Her gaze lingered on him for just long enough to see him glancing up and down the hall to check if anyone had seen the exchange between them.

The dungeons of Willowridge were secured by both guards and wards at nearly every door. Normally a person seeking entrance would have to show some sort of identification or written orders from a superior to be granted access, at which time a guard would temporarily deactivate the ward to allow passage. Each set of magical wards on each door was specifically designed to grant only the guards and those above a certain rank access, so when it came to Myanna, the protocol wasn’t necessary. She was of sufficient rank that the question of who she was or the need to identify herself would have been foolish, but she also spent such a significant amount of time down in the dungeons that most of the guards thought nothing of her comings and goings.

“Is she down here?” Myanna asked as she paused at the first door to place her hand on the dimly glowing glyph of the ward set into the magically hardened wood.

The guard to her right shifted slightly and gave her a simple nod, “Yes Ma’am.”

Myanna returned the simple nod and pulled the door open once the glyph had faded, “As you were.”

Almost immediately on the other side of the door a large set of stone stairs descended deeper underground, causing the air to grow more cool and still with each passing step. At the bottom was a second door almost identical to the first with a second set of guards who didn’t bother to stop her. Myanna placed her hand on the glyph of this door as she had done the first and waited patiently for the glow of it to fade, signaling that it was safe to open the door. Failing to have done so would have created a large directed discharge of explosive magical energy that would have been devastating even to her superior physiology. Even before opening this door she could hear the sounds of ecstatic moaning from beyond.

As she stepped through the sound grew, echoing off the walls of the long corridor that divided the holding cells on either side and ended in a T-section to lead to other cells in one direction and miscellaneous torture chambers in another, one of which she had converted into a alchemy lab for herself. Her pace quickened as she made her way to the large door at the end of the corridor that stood at the center of the T, the sounds most definitely coming from the torture chambers beyond.

The door itself had not been secured with a ward like the others, so she pushed right through, coming into the room where she had left the newly acquired prisoners earlier that day. Her prisoners had not moved from where they had been left, bound to bizarre contraptions magically formed from living wood by her own hands. Each one she could manipulate magically to tighten, to slacken, to stretch or compress. Devices that could take a few men time to adjust took her just a moment and an act of will.

Toward the center of the room she had created a large X-Shaped device to which she had fastened a naked male prisoner to, his lean wrists and ankles both bound in such a way as to splay him out in a prone position while the device itself leaned diagonally. She had designed it with modular pieces so that she could change the nature of the interrogation on a whim, making for an elegantly simple design on its own but a fiendishly efficient one when properly adjusted. Part of the moaning was coming from the man strapped to the device, and the other was coming from Olcaru herself, who straddled him in his prone position, impaling herself on his rigid cock.

Olcaru stood almost as tall as Myanna with slightly less muscle mass, though such mass mattered little when it came to demonic strength. Her skin was a pale lavender, broken up by patterns of twisted obsidian plating that grew from her skin. Her hair was of a similar color to her skin albeit darker and reminiscent of gleaming amethyst  but it was her tail and massive horns that were physically made of the same material that caught most people’s eye first. As she bounced up and down on the prisoner’s cock her tail swished gleefully and her ample breasts rose and fell in such a way that Myanna became transfixed for a moment, aching with both lust for Olcaru and envy for the man she was riding mercilessly.

The man under her groaned with every vigorous stroke of her hips and a glyph that had been inscribed into the flesh of his abdomen created a dramatic glow in the dimly lit chamber. It only enhanced the beauty of Olcaru, the Goddess which all Abyssals worshipped. The force with which the Demoness worked him caused the device he was fastened to creak and groan under the pressure, but Myanna’s construction held. As Myanna approached, Olcaru briefly took note of her, those intense glowing blue pools that formed her iris amidst a sea of black that made her sclera gazing with such intensity that it almost seemed to pierce her very being, as if the Living Goddess could stare straight into her soul.

Myanna felt a tinge of weakness at her knees, the only thing keeping her standing straight being her discipline and will to serve her mistress. Olcaru’s gaze wasn’t intimidating, nor was it affectionate, but it carried a tinge of acknowledgement even as she continued to pleasure herself with her captive..

Myanna glanced around the chamber noting that the others they had captured were right where she had left them, watching what Olcaru was doing with their companion in various states of arousal or fear. They were a scouting party from the Faction of vampires to the north west of them that had been captured inside Abyssal territory. Though they were human, they had each been altered through a process that Myanna was keen to study more in depth, a process that appeared to be the result of a ritual by a vampire or group of vampires to enhance humans in their thrall.

It turned out, as Myanna had discovered, that this ritual involved drinking the blood of their master to both bind themselves to the vampire and to extend their natural lifespan indefinitely. So long as each of them imbibed the blood regularly from the same vampire, they would not age. In addition to longevity came other fringe benefits such as enhanced strength, stamina, durability, and regeneration. So far the levels to which each person had these traits varied, with some being stronger while others quicker to heal.

Originally she had used rigid shackles to bind each of them but found that their strength was enough to break whatever she had available to her, and so she devised the current method of using custom created tensile vines that would stretch and constrict when resisted but would not break. Without such plant magic, she was unsure of how someone else might have been capable of restraining them for even a short time, much less the length of which she had held them.

Olcaru had one clawed hand over the man’s throat, squeezing with enough force to pierce flesh. Thin lines of blood ran down his neck from the shallow wounds, but nothing of value had been pierced by the looks of it. Olcaru’s other hand ran gleaming black claws across the man’s chest, cutting thin lines of red in his flesh that healed almost immediately after. She was savoring the damage she could do to him without it having a lasting effect on him in any physical way. Myanna took a few steps closer, admiring Olcaru’s form and technique as well as the shape of her. She said nothing, forcing herself to appear impassive despite her growing jealousy for the man under her Mistress and tried to content herself with the beauty of the moment.

“Myanna”, Olcaru purred as her hips continued to slam down onto the man, as if she was trying to break him with each stroke, “I hope you don’t mind my visiting while you work. I had to break the tedium of the last week or so and new prisoners seemed like just the thing.”

“Not at all.” Myanna replied respectfully, remaining careful to not let her tone slip and betray her growing desire.

“Good.” she moaned, “I’ve never actually had the chance to sample the physical durability of a mortal bound to a vampire by blood.”

Olcaru ran one of her claws down the man’s chest again with more slow purposeful intent, the wound deeper than it had been when she’d done it just a moment ago. The blood trickled forth as it had before for a short moment and again began to heal.

“Their regeneration is surprisingly efficient for a mortal body wouldn’t you say?” Olcaru’s head turned, looking over her shoulder to fix her icy blue eyes upon Myanna now with what felt like a tangible weight.

“I did find it a little surprising for a mortal’s body, yes.” Myanna admitted.

“Is that what has slowed your progress then? Or have you been indulging in their stamina as I have?” Myanna detected an edge to Olcaru’s words, a hint of an accusation beneath the dark playfulness of Olcaru’s tone.

Olcaru’s attention shifted back to the man, her grip on his throat tightening. His groan of agonized pleasure earned a sound of satisfaction through Olcaru’s now gritted teeth. He existed in a place between pleasure in pain, simultaneously at the heights of danger and lust alike.

“They still react as if they don’t have such regeneration and durability. Look at his eyes…you can see it there. It’s beautiful.” she whispered seemingly to herself as she admired her own work in the man.

“Mistress..” Myanna began a little hesitantly, careful to not interrupt, “I was simply attempting to be thorough. Considering the Vampire Queen’s faction in Zelmesca Falls is the only immediate threat to us, I thought it best that I come to you with no gaps in my knowledge and all of the facts available.”

“Ah, always thinking ahead.” Olcaru purred once more, seemingly satisfied with this answer. “Always calculating. Always prepared.”

Olcaru’s pace on the man slowed now as she removed the hand from his throat and let it slide down to his chest to join the other where both dug deep and raked down the front of the man in a way that would have seemed sensual if it weren’t for the deep gouges she created slicking the whole of the man’s body in crimson.

Myanna felt a sudden jump between her legs at the display, briefly shaking her focus and making it hard to keep her desire in check. The obsessive lust for Olcaru was beginning to creep back into the front of her mind, threatening to overtake her if she were not careful. The man’s back arched, letting out a cry of pain as the claws raked down his torso.

“What do you think?” Olcaru asked, looking back over her shoulder at Myanna, purposely exaggerating the movements of her hips as she spoke to her, “Do you enjoy watching me ride this pitiful mortal’s cock? I put a little spell here…”

Olcaru indicated the glyph at his lower abdomen, still glowing a dim blue, “It keeps him nice and throbbing hard for me but makes orgasm exceedingly difficult to reach. The longer I go on like this with him the closer he’ll come. With time it begins to become painful and maddening, forever at the threshold of release but never capable of actually achieving it, Unless I will it.”

Olcaru reached up to the man’s face, holding his mouth between her clawed fingers, “Isn’t that right, worm?” she demanded, giving a singular slam down on him with her hips. The man grunted affirmatively, earning him a small slap to the face from Olcaru before she turned her attention to Myanna once more.

“Yes, Mistress” Myanna answered without hesitation, “Your beauty is something I have always adored. You know I would be more than happy to cater to your physical needs at any time.”

“Mmmm that’s true..” Olcaru began thoughtfully, running one of her hands over her ample breasts as she arched her back. She seemed to get additional stimulation or satisfaction from Myanna’s words of praise.

“And not just your mouth or your cunt hm? Your species has the ability to manifest male anatomy don’t they? A cock to satisfy your mistress? Why this one could just as easily be yours couldn’t it?” she giggled almost ferally.

“But then if I just asked you to suck my pussy like a succulent peach for hours on end you’d do that too.” Olcaru threw her head back, squeezing her own breasts roughly as she basked in the moment, “Wouldn’t you?”

The heat between Myanna’s legs grew, and for a moment she allowed herself to think that perhaps now would be the time she’d be able to prove herself sexually to her beloved Goddess. She knew that she could, if given the chance, far outstrip anyone she’d had before. The pathetic writhing vampire’s thrall wouldn’t even rate as a distant memory by the time she was done, he’d be forgotten.

“That’s what I like about you Myanna, you devotion is so authentic, so powerful.” her pace quickened as she began to fuck the prisoner now with the same intensity as she had been when Myanna had first come into the room. He grunted wordlessly as if trying not to give her any more satisfaction through his reactions. Myanna shifted, tempted to end his life on the spot so that she might take his place.

“It’s an interesting thing, Devotion.” Olcaru observed, “And so rare too. So often devotion is something people feign for their own ends.”

Olcaru’s pace quickened now as her eyes turned to look upon the man beneath her pitilessly, the force of her hips growing with each stroke. The device he was fastened to began to shake and rattle violently as she moved, indicating that she’d been merely toying with him earlier and perhaps might still be.

“I can smell your lust for me.” she exclaimed ecstatically, “So heavy in the air I can taste it on my tongue. It’s delicious. Not just because of your natural flavor but because I can taste the devotion for me in it as well, the unadulterated need for me, to do anything for me. It’s so empowering, so intoxicating sometimes.” Myanna was surprised to hear this. Never before had Olcaru even hinted such a thing to her, much less openly admitted it in such a way. It seemed then that Myanna’s natural effect on people was not something Olcaru was immune to altogether, but that she was simply more in control of herself to resist it. But why?

The groans of the man beneath Olcaru grew louder with each passing moment now as his eyes began to roll into the back of his head, hitting that threshold Olcaru had spoken of before and being ground up against it mercilessly now. Olcaru gestured toward him with a slight jerk of her head, her eyes narrowing.

“This man.” she sneered as she regarded him coldly, “He too, has a mistress he is ‘devoted’ to. The famous ‘blood bond’ we have heard so much about.”

Myanna’s eyes followed Olcaru’s hands as they snaked back up the man’s chest to wrap around his throat once more. “She’s a powerful vampire. When he doesn’t get enough of her undead blood he goes into withdrawals like a common junkie. His devotion hinges on his next fix. Do you know how I know?”

Myanna’s pierced brow went up as she took a step closer, her arousal now being joined with a morbid curiosity as to what she was saying. The other prisoners around the chamber shifted, confused as to what it was that was happening or how they should be reacting to it. It was an interesting bit of info and Myanna could sense a distinct predatory edge creeping into Olcarus voice now.

“Because he told me.” she seethed as her grip around his throat tightened, dark blood oozing out around her obsidian talons.

“Just let him slip his filthy prick inside of me and work a little spell, give a few cuts and like magic his devotion evaporates before your eyes.” her grip grew tighter and tighter, now like a vice, as the pace of her hips became feverish in its rapidity. Her own breathing had quickened as well with anticipation and the pure excitement of it was plain to see for Myanna from her new vantage point. The man beneath her tried to cry out, tried to struggle, but he couldn’t take in the air needed to make any coherent sound and his restraints prevented him from putting up any form of meaningful struggle against Olcaru.

“Such fleeting devotion disgusts me.” Olcaru growled, her words coming from her mouth as if spoken by many rather than one. As she threw herself up and down on the rod of flesh the wood beneath them began to crack slightly, much to Myanna’s surprise.

“Even now I can feel his flesh throbbing inside of me, begging for release. As his body loses oxygen, the little pleasure center in his feeble ape brain reacts. He can barely see. Nothing else in the world even exists for him except for the feeling of my delicious cunt milking his pathetic little cock. This will be the finest orgasm he’s ever had and he knows it. He thinks it’s going to be worth it.”

Olcaru’s mouth opened in a silent moan, “He’s going to cum.”

With a surge of demonic strength, Olcaru’s hands tightened and his neck gave a sick wet crack. The man’s face had turned purple and his eyes had gone wide in what Myanna could only characterize as a strange mix of shock, lust, fear, and agony. Olcaru had broken his neck and crushed his windpipe together with her final thrust, her own orgasm running like a quake through her body as she let out a long guttural moan. Myanna could feel her own lust running down her leg, her nipples painfully erect inside the leather of her corset. There was a slight shake in her knees and she realized that a portion of Olcaru’s orgasm was somehow being thrown off of her and washing over everyone in the room, with Myanna being the closest to it.

After a few long moments of Olcaru’s body quivering with delight as the last waves of orgasm ran through her the Glyph inscribed in the flesh of the man began to glow intensely. Ribbons of the glimmering light began to run off of the glyph and wind through the air toward Olcaru. They snaked through the air quickly, entering through her mouth, eyes, and nose. But judging by the matching glow from between Olcaru’s legs Myanna had to guess that a great deal of it was entering through her pussy, using the semen of the now deceased man as a vector rather than his blood. Myanna had not seen the spell before, but it looked as though Olcaru had executed it perfectly.

The light of the energy grew in intensity and as it did so the flesh of the man beneath her grew sunken and desiccated. Olcaru lifted herself off of it slowly, traces of fluid dripping from between her legs as the flesh of the man grew gray and shriveled. The ice blue of her eyes fell upon the other prisoners who looked on in with a mix of awe and terror. Olcaru ran her hand over the front of herself as the ribbons of energy and the glyph faded, but the whole of her body glowed for a moment longer, particularly around the markings on her back and face. She hooked a finger inside of a squared ring that pierced her nipple and tugged at it gently as her gaze shifted from one prisoner to the next as if asking which of them was to be next and giving the whole of their being to her as their companion had.

One of them, a man, suddenly thrashed at his restraints as he panicked, “I’ll tell you anything you want to know!”

His desperation was shared with his companions, his terror obviously understandable after the display they had just been given. But with him being the first to speak the others seemed skeptical that they would be given a chance to escape the same fate if what he had was of any value to Olcaru. Myanna watched as she crossed the floor, a new sensuality to the sway of her hips as she walked, obsidian black heels clicking on the stone with each step. The man regarded her with fear, but as she approached a hint of hope began to creep into his eyes that he might be rewarded for his willingness to come forward. Myanna noted that he clearly had not been paying attention to all of what Olcaru had been saying and had perhaps just watching what she was doing.

Olcaru reached out, taking his chin gently between the talons of her fingers and thumb, “Shh Shh Shh…patience my dear. You’ll get your chance to sacrifice yourself to me soon.”

His eyes remained wide with fear, fixated on her as he was unable to deny his sudden anticipation to do just as she had said and sacrifice himself for her.

“That’s why I like you so much, Myanna.” the Goddess turned slowly to face the cuirizu once more. The way the plating on her was situated it framed her breasts perfectly. It ran along her lower legs and forearms in thicker twisted patches and even formed the spiked heels at the bottoms of her feet that she walked on. She moved toward Myanna and slid an arm around the cuirizu’s waist, while the other drifted down between her legs and pulled the leather thong she wore aside. She ran her dangerous fingers gently along the soft lips of Myanna’s slick pussy until she felt the two ring piercings there and gave them a playful tug.

“Even with how much you desire me, you’re more than happy to just have the privilege to watch me fuck.” she whispered, her lips now a half inch from Myanna’s ear as her fingers teased at the wet entrance of her pussy. Myanna could feel herself relaxing as her Goddess rubbed firmly across the lips of her cunt, brushing her palm against her clit.

“You’re just that devoted to me.” she grinned, then pulled the hand from between Myanna’s legs and brought her wet claws to her mouth to suck the juices from them as she stepped back, “That’s why I’ve chosen you.”

It took Myanna a moment to collect herself enough to question what it was that Olcaru was referring to, “Chosen me?” she swallowed hard, trying to regain her composure, “For what, Mistress?”

Myanna slowly adjusted the leather thong back into place even as she watched Olcaru visibly savoring her fluids in front of her. She knew that her species didn’t taste quite like others, having a plant-like physiology granted her fluids a distinctly unique taste. Each member of the race was a little different, but Myanna herself could have been best described as sticky-sweet, and she felt a swell of pride to see her Mistress savoring it in such a way.

“Yes. It’s come time that we purge the pretenders from our ranks. We must ensure that only the faithful remain within our number and that those without even a fraction of your devotion be culled.” she smiled pleasantly, offering some assurance to Myanna who had been expecting something a little different to be chosen for.

“I’m to have this task? To weed out those you wish to die?” Myanna’s hand clenched with a newfound righteousness, she’d made a lot of progress unexpectedly so a task like this completed to satisfaction would surely earn her what it was she wanted after so long.

“No, no, no, of course not.” Olcaru cooed with a bit of mirthful amusement, clearly enjoying this little game of hers with Myanna, “I know you could of course. And it would be done swiftly and efficiently. But I will personally see to it that they are culled. What I need from you, my sweet, is to provide me with the foundation for what comes after.”

Olcaru’s smile grew wider, baring her sharp teeth at Myanna in doing so, “I will be announcing an attack on the Vampires using the ‘information’ we got from these prisoners. I will send a primary wave to draw them out, to be supported by a precision strike team after to open up holes in their defenses from their flanks and from within.”

“Forgive me.” Myanna began looking over to the prisoners and then back to Olcaru, “But have we actually obtained such information we can use to carry that sort of operation out?”

Myanna was sure that they hadn’t, indeed she was sure that the whole point was to create a ruse where people believed that they had. But with how addled her thoughts were with lust for Olcaru the usual quickness of her mind had become quite sluggish. It was a little different than her usual experience being caught up in things over Olcaru, it seemed having actually been touched by her might have increased the intensity of the experience slightly.

“No, we haven’t, and we may never have such information. It’s irrelevant really.” she waved a clawed hand back at them dismissively, “The first wave will consist only of those who are to be purged. The might of the vampires forces will guarantee that the lot of them will be destroyed. The secondary wave that will follow will consist of those who may yet prove their worth to me and be delivered from judgment should I see a glimmer of something in them. The last ones, however, who are to open up the holes in the defenses will be those who I have deemed worthy of me and my love. They won’t be showing up at all to the battle. They will be journeying with me, while the pretenders and the liars die upon the weapons of our enemies. In the carnage our enemies will believe us beaten and broken, the ruse will gain strength when they come here to find Willowridge completely abandoned.”

Myanna’s look of surprised could not be concealed, she’d been thrown so off balance by the events here that her composure was much harder to regain than she could have anticipated. Olcaru stepped closer to slide one arm around her waist once more, her other hand coming up to her face to hold her chin and fix her eyes with her own.

“We have outgrown this place. We can no longer rely on the devotion of pretenders.” she whispered as she gave a sultry flick of her tail to wrap it around Myanna’s leg and slide up her thigh, “Such people are a crack in our armor that must be mended. Even our superior fortification would not be enough to make up for this deficit when the time comes, our strength must come from our people first.”

Olcaru cocked her head to the side, her icy blue eyes seeming to glow gently once more, her breath tantalizingly warm on Myanna’s dark skin as she spoke, “You see the wisdom in this, yes? Our greatest asset to grow and to reach the next level, my dear…is each other.”

As Olcaru spoke she had moved closer and closer to Myanna’s lips, her tone getting lower and lower with each word. By the time she had finished speaking her lips were less than a breath away from Myanna’s and the cuirizu couldn’t help but give a lustful smile, “Of course, Mistress.”

In a moment of boldness, and against her better judgment, Myanna closed the distance and claimed the lips of the Goddess for herself. She was unable to contain herself and deny herself the taste of Olcaru any longer, it had been a thing she had long speculated at for so long and the time she had done so had proven to be terribly short of the experience itself. She felt Olcaru’s lips open immediately, granting access to Myanna’s tongue to dance with her own for a long electrifying moment.

“The blood of the non believers shall be the catalyst for our ascension to new heights of glory in your name.” Myanna moaned into the kiss, feeling as though she was swearing something to Olcaru. She felt a sudden surge of inspiration amid the lust and adoration she had for Olcaru in that moment. It had been a long time coming, with men like Belias doing as little as possible to pay their dues to the Goddess and using the rest of their time to pursue their own agendas, it was time that something be done. All the people who had been dragging down the progress of the Abyssals and her Mistress had not gone unnoticed as she had once feared, but were to pay for their negligence with their lives.

“What must be done?” Myanna beseeched in a whisper against Olcaru’s lips.

Olcaru pressed her body firmly against Myanna’s her bare breasts crushing against Myanna’s within her Corset, “We have plenty of time to discuss the matter.” she replied easily, unfastening the buckles of the corset, “For now, though, we have prisoners to attend to. You’ve watched me and seen my technique, now I wish to watch you with yours.”

Olcaru grinned as she ripped the corset free from Myanna and cast it to the floor, turning back to face the other prisoners whose skin had gone milk-white from the terror of what was to come. She took Myanna by the arm and guided her toward them before giving a playful shove, “I want to see what you can do with them. I’ll even pick out the first one for you, how does that sound?”

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