A long time ago when I originally designed Myanna I didn’t really push a lot of her plant like nature, I figured dark skin and green hair might do the trick if I had her surrounded by plants. What she wore was typically leather to play up that dominatrix/mistress vibe I wanted to go for in her. Over the years I developed her concept a little more to get the plant angle of things across a little better. The whole of the “Unbound” form was actually made to show cuirizu more in a plant like demonic state, communicating the idea visually rather than simply telling.

But rather than ret-con all of that from the story material I thought it was a good opportunity to show different eras of Myanna’s story quickly, now when you see different outfits you can start to pinpoint roughly at what stage in her overall history she’s being depicted in and how her growth as a character changes her appearance as she goes.

This is one that’s going to be colored soon in the members section so hang in there.

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