Over the Holiday I had some of my subscribers gift me some art they either got from other artists or that they made themselves, I thought it would be nice to showcase those here as a huge thank you for their kindness. So here we go!

Mistletoe Myanna was done by Nakamanga and was commissioned by Futty1, a little chibi interpretation of Myanna for the Holidays.

Christmas Light Taeko was done by Sagotomi. Sago’s always been a big fan of Taeko, but a christmasy reskin of her was not something I expected to get. He put a lot of love into this one, I can tell.

Rinn and Brunin was done by FappuccinoArt and was commissioned by El Rojo, Rojo’s taken a shine to this character that I think he saw for the first time during the OCtober event and to show his appreciation put her with one of his own OCs with her obviously taking control of the situation.

I want to thank everyone who got me some art for the holidays, its one of my favorite things to receive as a gift. I also want to thank the individual artists for being able to squeeze the work in so close to the holidays when they did. It’s a tough time to get work done and to meet deadlines and I’m super appreciative of the extra effort that went into doing it.