I wanted to do a pic of Brigitte the minute she was announced but I’m already pretty bad about not finishing something and moving to the next thing so… I finished other stuff first.

But let me tell you guys, this hero is everything I wanted in a new hero, though I would have preferred her as a defense hero over support. I had been talking with some friends a little while back and said I wanted to see a sword and board hero that could just bully some people here and there and here she is! Love this hero, how bout you guys?

And as a brief side note, I had a lot of suggestions from site members on my discord of what to do with Brigitte and tried to fold as many of the suggestions as I could into the one pic. So if you’re not already lurking around the site members section of my discord, please come check it out and see if you’d like to chip in as well at times like those!

Nude and futa versions found in the members section so click on through!

EDIT: Updated this post with something else that had been sitting half finished for a bit. Brigitte entertaining some company and showing her support skills! Three variants available including 1 futa variant.

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