Betsy wasn’t sure how long it had been since last she’d been without the harness that Myanna had bestowed upon her. It had been given to her when they had first come to the abandoned manor in the Zelmescan countryside and her mistress, through her magic, had repurposed it to her needs. The harness had been placed on her body, integrated into it in such a way that she felt it as an extension of herself. After Mistress Myanna had placed it on her, she had explained that the harness allowed her to channel magical protection to her over great distances and should anyone in the war town countryside come and try to harm her or take her away Myanna would know. She’d grown accustomed to having it at all times, and now it was gone.

Along with her, every other woman in the Garden had worn a harness as well. One by one, Myanna had been removing them and there wasn’t an explanation really given at the time other than the assurance that they would be put back on them soon. Betsy looked down at her bare chest and ran her fingers down between her ample breasts as the sound of the running water in the magically shaped stone tub filled the bath chamber. The tips of them were still beading and dribbling with milk. Betsy had never been totally clear on which magical effects had created what in her, but it seemed that the Alchemical alterations to her body were independent of the changes the harness would cause in people. At least for now.

Betsy’s skin was still sensitive and even her own caress was enough to cause the space between her legs to stir. Her hand came away from her skin quickly in surprise and she took a breath to steady herself. She kind of missed the harness in that moment. She wasn’t sure how, but it provided her with a certain sureness of her own urges and needs. Without it, it felt like the time before Myanna when everything was repressed an unsure.

Before she could be truly lost in thought on the matter she heard the door come open slowly. She looked up to see Azade, the First, standing there in the hallway. Betsy felt her heart flutter a little bit when she saw her, despite the sexual relationship she’d had with nearly every other woman in the garden she felt a special something else for Azade in similar fashion to that of her Mistress. Myanna was a strong towering woman, powerful and commanding. She had short hair for a woman and dark warm skin. She felt like a predator sometimes when she looked at Betsy and it made her insides melt and quiver. Azade could do the same, though she did it with a totally different tool set than Myanna did.

Azade was much shorter than Myanna but she was still powerfully built and was so in a distinctly feminine way. She had the softness and the curves that were considered conventionally beautiful along with fair skin and long dark hair, but the way she carried herself and spoke to people was what often got Betsy all wound up.

“Here you are.” Azade began, “I’ve been looking for you.”

Betsy’s eyebrows rose along with her curiosity, “Is there something the matter?”

Azade’s gaze shifted and Betsy could feel her eyes wandering over her nude body, without the harness it didn’t feel quite as natural as it normally did. It didn’t feel electrifying to have the First’s gaze upon her. In fact, there was something about it that reminded her of when Myanna had first looked upon her.

“When I first came here, you were the first in the Garden to offer me any help. Remember?” Azade leaned on the doorframe as one of her hands began to move down to her lower abdomen. There, the green markings of the Virility charm spell began to unfurl across her skin and below it the protrusion of the magical cock that Azade sometimes made use of with the other women began to form. Betsy’s eyes widened a bit as her gaze visibly shifted between the monster forming between Azade’s legs and her face.

“I…Yes, I do. I remember.” Betsy could feel that heat and twitch between her legs again.

“Well I was wondering if perhaps you could help me with something again. I need to tell you something and I need to be sure that it stays between you and me.”

Betsy gave a short awkward nod as Azade came off of the door frame, the thick pole of her cock swaying in time with her hips as she crossed over to where Betsy was sitting.

“I’m sure you’ve noticed the removal of the harnesses around the Garden. I’m also sure you’ve heard the rumor that the Mistress is pregnant.”

It was everything she could do to keep her eyes up at Azade despite the magicked cock lingering only a foot or so from her face at eye level, the swollen head of it the same green as the glowing marks across Azade’s pelvis. She nodded, confirming what Azade was saying. Azade nodded and continued.

“Yes, well these two things are actually related you see. Our mistress is indeed carrying my child and the further along she gets the less she seems to be able to maintain the various spells across the Garden. Or so I had originally thought. As it turns out there is something of a second reason for pulling the harnesses from all but a few of us.”

Azade’s hand came out to Betsy’s faced and caressed the side of it gently, “When we wear the harnesses we’re linked to our mistress. A part of her is in us at all times. You might have noticed a difference by now in how you feel, well I’ve noticed the same. The link is less stable now and more of Myanna’s various urges come through. In order to keep it from being passed to everyone, the harnesses were pulled. And in order to keep it from overwhelming those who are left I’ve been trying to redirect it to myself… to maintain order.”

Betsy could feel Azade’s hand trembling a little bit and she felt a sudden wave of concern for the First. Her hand went up to Azade’s to clasp it gently. She was beginning to see what was happening. Azade always prided herself on her poise and ability to function as administrator to the Garden for their mistress. She has having trouble maintaining that demeanor now with everything pouring in through the link of the harness.

“I can barely control myself.” she whispered, “I could take it. It’s my right as first. But if I did they would know, wouldn’t they? They would know that something is different and Blair would surely wish to take advantage of such a moment of weakness.”

Betsy nodded in agreement. Blair was a cunning and savage woman, effective in a fight and brutal to other women if left unchecked. The harness and her severe addiction to their mistress both kept her in check for the time being.

Azade’s eyes moved hungrily over Betsy once more, “I need someone I can go to in confidence. Someone who knows the situation and will not speak of it, will not judge, and will not try to turn it to their advantage. Someone who… will let me vent my physical frustrations.”

Betsy’s other hand gently came up to take hold of the hot lance of flesh throbbing between Azade’s legs. It felt like a bold move despite how much bolder she’d been while here in the Garden, but then what Azade said about the harnesses explained that rather well. Her grip tightened only enough to give her a coaxing tug.

“I can do that for you, Azade” she assured her.

Azade’s eyes half lidded for a moment when she was touched before gleaming delightedly when Betsy told her exactly what she wanted to hear.

“I need you to call me mistress.” she blurted.

Betsy’s paused, “What?”

“I know I’ve said before that you don’t. But for this… I just need you to.” she stressed.

“Yes mistress.” Betsy whispered with a bit of a smile.

It was like she’d flipped some sort of switch in Azade when she said the words and before she knew it the First had buried the entire length of the she-cock down her throat. Betsy could feel the flow of lactation in her breasts increase proportionally with the wetness of her cunt. As Azade’s hips began to thrust hungrily against her face, Betsy tried to think of a time when such a lewd existence would have disgusted her but was unable to do so. On some level, she’d always found this sort of thing exhilarating. Betsy took the throbbing shaft to it’s hilt, kissing Azade’s pelvis on each increasingly savage thrust.

Betsy made sure to relax her throat and move her tongue, wanting to offer the most to the First so that she might find some sort of relief amid the combined heat of her own lust and that of Myanna’s. She placed her hands on Azade’s hips and even helped her ravage her face as the milk freely trickled from her breasts and to the floor.

The bliss of it ended abruptly when Azade withdrew, fishing her cock from Betsy’s throat with a bit of a pop, “I need your pussy.” she gasped.

Betsy wiped her face briefly, a mix of her own saliva and Azade’s precum had slathered the area around her mouth. Azade reached down and pulled Betsy to her feet and off of the edge of the tub.

“What are we going to-” Betsy began as Azade turned her around. But before she could finish her thought she felt the swollen head of Azade impale her and slide deep into her. Betsy felt a moan sound from her throat reflexively. But again, before she could even adjust to this Azade was turning and pulling her down.

Betsy found herself in Azade’s lap on the side of the tub as she leaned back against one of the pillars at the corner. With a heave of her hips she pushed herself to the hilt, completely filling Betsy’s insides which in turn contracted and clenched around the new guest.

“Ohhh Fuck,” Azade groaned, “That’s…exactly what I need. Mouths are good to start with but when you really need it they just can’t compare to pussy.”

Azade gave Betsy’s ass a firm slap and bucked into her once more, “Especially one like this.”

Betsy felt her mind getting a little fuzzy. Her breasts leaked freely and the heat of her own cunt made it feel like she was going to melt around the cock she was skewered on. She felt Azade urge her to lean back and she did exactly as she was instructed to. Once braced in that reclined position in the First’s lap, Azade went to work.

She’d fucked Azade a few times in the past, she was the First after all and as she had said it was her right to have the women of the Garden. Her position earned her that right. But it had never been quite like this. Azade seemed somehow famished, hungry for a good meal after days of being without and only now was she being allowed to feast. Her lady cock ravaged Betsy mercilessly, the head of the thing prodding at Betsy’s cervix deep within. Some found the sensation a little uncomfortable, painful even. But Betsy found it added just a hint of it to the all consuming pleasure that went along with it.

Azade’s arms came around Betsy, her hands seizing Betsy’s gargantuan breasts that had been flopping about so vulgarly only a moment before. With a firm squeeze Betsy gave a squirt of milk from each erect nipple and bit her lip to keep herself from groaning like a whore. The sound stuck in her throat but this only seemed to spur Azade on.

“It looks like I’m not the only one in desperate need of a milking.” Azade cooed, her grip tightening again, earning another couple spurts of milk from Betsy’s tits.

Betsy couldn’t respond. A natural reflex might have been to deny how much she needed this as well, but she just didn’t have the words. Her world was fast melting away into a constant stream of physical sensation from above and below now. Things not directly pertaining to the pounding of her pussy and the milking of her tits became increasingly less important with each passing second. Azade’s grip tightened again, this time seemingly using the fleshy hand holds to pull her down into pummeling from below.

“Ah Ahh Ahn!” Betsy whimpered.

“Are you going to cum already?” Azade chided.

“Ahn… Uh huh..” Betsy could only barely muster the nod. Azade’s swollen rod slammed into her a little more fiercely now.

“Not before me.” she commanded.

“Y-yes… mistress…” Betsy sputtered. Her pussy drooled with anticipation of what was only moments away. While much of her senses had left her, she was still able to muster the strength to clench down in time with Azade’s backstroke and it seemed to make all the difference for her.

Azade’s cock throbbed with approval and the response from her hips was as swift as it was brutal. For several moments the only sound between the two of them was that of their flesh colliding in a rapid “Fap Fap Fap Fap” as Azade hammered Betsy from below. Betsy’s mouth hung open wordlessly as the onslaught brought them both closer to the peak of ecstasy.

Betsy wasn’t sure which one of them actually climaxed first. It all blurred together for her in a moment that stretched out past all reason. The clenching spasms of her own orgasm rocked her body to her core even as the eruption of Azade’s filled every last space she had to offer within. Azade’s orgasm painted her insides white in thick hot jets, filling her to the brim and then pressing the limits of the seal that Betsy’s own orgasm had created around the girth of the cock inside her. Milk, thick and white like a kind of cum of it’s own, gushed from Betsy’s breasts now sending waves of Euphoria through her torso down to meet with those rising from below.

As her cunt continued to spasm Betsy could feel more of Azade’s seed injecting itself into her, showing just how pent up Azade had been. The seal, though tight, eventually broke with a few more desperate bucks of the First’s hips, allowing the now frothy cocktail of their lust free.

Betsy managed to find her senses again as the waves finally receded and her breathing began to return to normal, behind her Azade sighed contentedly. It was a good thing, in Betsy’s mind, that she was so close to a tub with how much of the lustful fluids now covered both their bodies. Milk coated Betsy’s breasts in a thin sheen and what cum she could not contain had oozed down to join the juices of Azade’s glistening pussy just below the magicked dick. Surely Azade would join her for some bathing now that she’d managed to get it out of her system.

“That was a good start.” Azade purred, “Now hop in, so I can bend you over the side.”

Betsy’s head swiveled around to look back at Azade, unable to hide the expression of surprise so clear on her face. Her chest continued to rise and fall dramatically from the exertion only a moment before.

Below her, Azade stared back, a lustful gleam in her red eyes, “I’m pretty sure both of us still have some milk left to give.”

Betsy rose slowly from Azade, feeling more of the cum sliding out of her despite her efforts to hold as much of it in as she possibly could. She wasn’t sure why she tried to do so, it had become second nature somewhere along the way. Once she was in Azade turned her around much the same way as she had before but this time bent her over at the waist and began to spread the supple cheeks of her ass apart. She continued to ooze the pearlescent mixture, “Looks like you’re all filled up here…”

Betsy looked back over her shoulder as Azade pressed the head of her impressively rigid cock to the pucker of her ass. Her breasts began to dribble milk once more and she felt another jump of excitement, “It’s alright Mistress, I have more room.”

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