I always love being able to see my characters done by other people, but its not very often that I actually hand a character to someone before I’ve had a chance to fully render them for myself. That’s what I did with Steffydoodles though. We’ve talked about exchanging some art for a while but our schedules have just made it too difficult to get to in a real organized fashion. So I crashed one of her weekend sketch slots and had her crank something out for me. I knew she liked Khatima a lot, but I wanted to pair her with someone that might have fit the way Steffy does her art. So I asked for something passionate with Olivia, the woman that served as the vessel for Myanna so many years ago.

Demons in general don’t think or act like people do, and with plant aspects in the mix Cuirizu are no exception to this. There is a prevailing belief among Cuirizu and demons in general that love is something they don’t feel, not like mortals do anyway. They all say as much and they all seem to believe it. But when Khatima sits alone and thinks back on her incredibly long life her thoughts always wander back to the same person over and over…Olivia. She wonders to herself if perhaps thats what love is. And if she’s doomed to ever have known it only to have lost it.

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