A friend of mine that I haven’t spoken to in a while recently popped up after a long time and after a short conversation she mentioned wanting to get back into doing her art thing and seeing what she could do with it. I thought this was a pretty cool idea but when she mentioned wanting to use a few of my characters to get warmed up again and get the ball rolling I was even more stoked than before.

So with Betsy and Azade just having wrapped up their own story just a week or so ago I thought maybe something related might be cool, so here Myanna is getting her chance at filling Betsy up…complete with X-Ray shot for you guys!

If you guys dig her work leave a comment below to show some love, you can also check out her galleries on Hentai Foundry and FurAffinity to browse through more work and even put in for a commission if you’d like. And of course if you’re in the mood for doing any FanArt of my characters as well, you’re more than welcome to do so! I’ll of course pimp it out for you and if I end up getting enough of these things I’ll even put together a special gallery of guest art here on the site. So go nuts!

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