Over the last few weeks I’ve opened up various voting polls to everyone on the Discord server. One of the more requested characters from members was Betsy and so I dove into making something new for her in full color. It quickly went from being a single voted image to a sequence of story images featuring both Betsy and Azade. While they are OCs and not bound to pull the same kind of attention that fanwork does, I really enjoyed doing this not just because they’re my characters but because of the back and forth we sort of had with supporters and fans alike on the server.

The story follows Betsy in Myanna’s Garden receiving an unexpected visit and proposition from the Garden’s second in command, Azade. With Myanna temporarily out of commission Azade finds herself being slowly overwhelmed by a sudden influx of lustful desires being fed into her body through the magical link of the Vitality Harness.

The full sequence can be found in the members section, both with story and completely textless. If you’d like to get in on things like this in the future join up either there or in the Discord server itself and consider supporting my work and the other artists of Kupaa!

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