I knew for a little while that I was going to end up having an update day on Cinco de Mayo, a day that I don’t celebrate for it’s original intent but more as a celebration of the close friends I have of Mexican descent and the positive influence they’ve had on my life. For me today is the day to give thanks for such people and to chow down on Mexican Cuisine. I wanted to draw something for it but I was sort of at a loss of what to do. Then I remembered Baja Blast.

Is Baja Blast, the drink, mexican. Hell no. It comes from Taco Bell which is about as far as you can get from genuine Mexican food while still calling something a taco. But when I wrote Baja Blast, the character’s, background I made her from Mexico. The Hydro Brawl characters all have backstories and beefs that mix Martial arts and wrestling Drama and Baja was given one that was inspired by the Luchador wrestlers I loved as a kid. For such wrestlers it was a big challenge to break into the American promotions and leagues. So Baja got that story. She comes from a Mexican league with a unique style of wielding her Hydrokinetic ability. Through hard work and determination (and a certain sense of flair) she’s broken into the main Hydro Brawl league to make a spectacular showing.

So for Cinco de Mayo I present to you all a pin-up of Baja Blast. Enjoy!

Hydro Brawl colored sketches from 2016

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