In Myanna’s Garden there is no “wrong place” to engage with each other, so long as you’ve got all your work done. That is to say, that so long as you are on the grounds you can fuck or be fucked anywhere. This general “rule” also applies with the mistress herself. It could be the dining room, the field, the baths, wherever…if she has the urge to have you it’ll typically happen right there.

So it’s rare then that those in her Garden have ever had cause to see her personal chambers. It’s not as though it’s off limits per se, it’s just that most of what you might do with her there can be done just about anywhere else on the grounds. But there are times when you have business to be seen to by her personally and you’ll end up finding her there. Times when the mistress specifically sends for YOU. In such instances, when you’re in the mistress’ chambers, you can safely assume that any encounter with Myanna will not be a brief one.

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