So this week was a fairly productive week and I have a few things for you. So hold on while we get a little chatty here.

First up is of course the Verdant Memories update that dropped on Wednesday, two new pages for the comic that I’ve been wanting to work on for a while. I have the whole of the script done for the rest of the story and it looks like it’s going to be about 30 pages or so. The pages that just went up are 9 and 10. Now that I’ve got the full script and a working schedule to go from I can produce these much faster than before. I’ve more or less introduced a few aspects of where the characters live, some background details and so on…so now we’re going to get down to the smutty stuff pretty consistently here. Remember that this comic was intended to show a sort of range of what I could do, covering story telling, sex, and even a little bit of fighting coming up here soon. Once the comic is completed we’ll then look at what people want to see more of, what changes they’d want in another comic, and even what story or cast of characters they’d like to follow. These pages will be getting posted up to the members section pretty regularly.

Next up is a new/old pic featuring Myanna. This pic has been available in the members section for a while now but I wanted to share it publicly because even after all this time and with some of its flaws I still like it a lot. I generally find that work featuring the character tends to last longer for me if not for everyone else. This one was posted up on Wednesday everywhere else and has been added to the core gallery of the public side of the site. As much as I want to make this site into something viable that can cater to fans and support me I don’t want to be locking people out. Sites like this, Flux’s, and Hizzy’s should be about supporting the artists you like rather than accessing work behind a paywall. So in the interests of good faith to that effect, I want to keep updating fairly regularly to the Core Gallery.

And last up, a while back I did a pic for of his character Cassidy, it was just a sketch at the time but when I finished it I knew it was a pose I liked enough that I’d want to come back to it for some color once I got the chance. Well just the other day I got that chance so here she is.

As I was working on it I actually felt like she might fit pretty well into the Night Wave setting, though what her role could be in it I don’t know. She just kind of had a look about her that made me feel that way. It’d be kind of interesting for a site event maybe to open slots or requests to people where they could have one of their characters done in a style that sets them firmly in either Codex Alkotas, Night Wave or Celestial Tides. Could be fun!

Let me know what you guys think, no feedback is too small!

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