So far with the site I have been doing all of my updates on Wednesdays. This has meant that on Wednesday, members have been getting fairly large dumps of content, usually four to five pics in a mixed bag. Sometimes a theme is attached to all of them and sometimes not. After getting some feedback I’ve decided to break this up into smaller pieces and spread them out a little bit. So instead of updating just on Wednesday I’ll be switching to Wednesday and Friday as well. So be sure to check in on those days if you’re a member. The public side will be updated less often but I would like to keep things at the ratio I have so far. Usually for every two or three major releases I put up on the member side I try to put something up on the public side FROM the member side.

Like this pic. I did this picture of Power Girl a while back and when I first finished it I wanted to plaster it all over the place. I haven’t read much in the line of DC comics in a long time but back when I used to work at a comic shop I would dip into whatever comics I wanted. I enjoyed Power Girl and I enjoyed the kind of idea of her story… depending on her iteration. The one I’m familiar with is Power Girl as a “Supergirl” from another universe, a silver age universe before things got scaled to the point that they are at now. So she’s not as powerful as some Kryptonians but she also doesn’t have their same weaknesses. She’s older, more mature, and more powerful looking than Supergirl as well. I still enjoy this pic and looking back to it I realize how much I enjoy some POV shots.

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