I have a fairly sizeable update this week for the beginning of the month!

  • Article: Spell Focus-Virility Charm article on member side
  • Image: Ivy L’Heureux with Futa Variant
  • Image: Zinnastina with Futa Variant
  • Image: Razylym with Wallpaper extra
  • Pathfinder stats for the Virility Charm Spell
  • New pics added to public Core Gallery
  • New Discord Server with a Public channel and a channel for members and patrons

Updates to the Core gallery on the public side here are to keep in line with things that have been posted on HF, twitter, and so on. Allowing people to rely more on this for public releases. Also as mentioned above I have a new Discord server which I am making available to the public. The general channel will be used by everyone but there will also be a Channel dedicated each to site members and patrons of the Ruff Moose patreon. These exclusive channels will be another place where I will be placing news of updates for when they go live but will ALSO be a way for you to provide feedback and see WIPs of upcoming projects. And of course the server can be used to do up some gaming and the like.

Below are the new pics included to the Core Gallery!

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