There’s a new update up in the members section featuring Millia of Guilty Gear wrapped up in her own hair bondage style, the update has a total of 17 variants! I wanted to practice with a new way of structuring my process so as to lend itself to doing variants and then see how much I could do. Lot of stuff learned in this seemingly simple process for me and the result will be more pics with variants in the future….albeit not 17 variants.

I would also like to let everybody know that I will be streaming more regularly in the coming days. Anytime I’m inking or coloring something I will try to stream it for you, but the sketching will likely stay something that I just don’t stream. Not only is my sketching messy but often times it can be me drawing the same few lines over and over and over again with slight variations until I settle on something. The process of trying out poses and anatomy can sometimes be frustrating and often time consuming. But everything else should be free game, so people who are interested in streams, go bookmark my Picarto right now!

And lastly is Patreon which some of you might have questions about. Originally the plan was to convert my Patreon over to a different pay format and have that be the platform from which myself and AnimeFlux were going to get our game going. So what happened? Why did I shut it down? Well as it turns out once you have an account set to charge up front there is no way to change the payment method AT ALL. I signed up for charge up front a while back when they first started rolling it out because a lot of people were taking content but not paying, it seemed like a practical solution. At the time there was a warning attached to the option saying you couldn’t revert it but it was worded in such a way that I thought that just meant you couldn’t go back to charging at end-of-month. That seemed fine to me, why would I want to go back to a broken format? Well it turns out what they MEANT was that there was no way to alter the pay settings in any way. So I wouldn’t be able to change over from a monthly charge to a “per release” format, which was more appropriate for the game. After some talking with patreon they told me there was nothing they could do and I decided to shut my patreon down….

And make a new one from scratch.

This new patreon is going to have a bit of an uphill battle in getting as established as my old one or Flux’s current one, but we’re not in a hurry because charging is done only when we have something to GIVE you guys. That patreon will be effective though in keeping a GROUP project separate from my own solo projects. Nearly everyone involved has their own stuff going on so we don’t want you being charged every month if our lives get a little hectic. It seems fair to you and keeps the pressure off of us.

The patreon will manage multiple game projects, one after the other. We’re not intending to start working on one game and have it continue on forever. We have a start and an end and a lot of content we CAN put in the middle depending on interest and momentum. But once we wrap the project it’s done and we move on to the next. The first project is going to be a Breeding/Resource Management game where you play as a Cuirizu mistress managing an estate of mortals who you need to breed together in order to breed a vessel capable of giving you yourself a Cuirizu offspring to present to the head of your Order. I’ve written the system we’re using and of course it takes place in the Codex Alkotas world, Flux will be doing a lot of the character art, EventSpawn is handling our Coding, and my friend Ofidian is covering UI elements for us.

Once this project is done we’re planning on switching over to a project for Flux that he’s had rattling around in his head for a while and just not had a chance to really put a lot of work toward. He has a pretty good idea of what he wants to do and where he wants it to go, it’s just the fine details that will need a little tweaking along the way. So while his and my site’s will handle our solo projects, the Patreon is specifically to manage the compensation for a GROUP. If you’re interested in getting a hold of our games, giving your input, or being part of the process go check out the patreon Now!

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