The first pic from the Urcare requests is up in the members section and more will be following it. I have a couple others started and am hoping to finish them in time before Christmas but even if I don’t remember that Urcare goes until the end of the month, so even if there isn’t a bunch of stuff up by the 25th, there’s still til the 31st for me to get a couple of them done, we’ll see how it goes.

As many of you know this is the last month of my patreon in it’s current format. Next month AnimeFlux and myself are converting the patreon over to dedicate it to producing games. We will be dropping the monthly charge there and going with a “per release” format until we can ascertain interest and get a good workflow going. We don’t want to be charging people every month of the project ends up with few patrons. Nearly everything I’ve been doing on my patreon up to this point will be moving over to the site here and on the members section. If you’re looking to keep your support going and would like to get a lot MORE for your buck, this is the place to be.

So to commemorate the shift, the last pic from Patreon will be available here in the public section. The pic was voted on by people on patreon and ended up being Angel’s Red and Green. I’ve been getting some feedback from a few of you on the side and I’ve been taking it into consideration. There will be some things that I’ll tweak around here and the members section alike so keep an eye out. And as always if you have more feedback to give feel free to drop it here or on pics themselves, I always love getting comments and questions.

If I don’t get another post up before the holidays I wish you all a good one!

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