Millenia ago, when the seasonal courts first came in to existence Ghetea, the Goddess of Ice, gifted the Throne of Winter to the High King of the Winter courts as a symbol of his dominion over Winter itself. Today in Alkotas, this generous gifting from one of the Old Gods to the Fae Court is celebrated during the Urcare Festival during the last week of Coldseed. Gifts are exchanged in preparation for the winter ahead, often to provide literal or figurative warmth and comfort in the colder months.

So to celebrate Winter gifting on Alkotas and in our own world, I will be doing requests for the whole (real month) of December! All you have to do is place your request in the comment section of this post to build a list for me to work from. Once we start to get a list I’ll start picking out some ideas that grab me and posting them up in the members area! Not all requests will be done, but as thanks to everyone supporting me I will try to do as many as I can. The only restriction is that your request MUST be limited to two or less characters, be fairly simple, and will be cel shaded. This will allow me to get more of these done for more people with something of a streamlined process. You are not restricted to FanArt or OCs nor are you restricted to pics of a seasonal nature. If you would like to keep things seasonal, by all means do so! Everyone IS limited to ONE request per person so give it a little thought before you put it up here.

And a Happy Urcare to everyone!

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  1. n666
    n666 says:

    Seems like I’m the first one, well let’s make this one far too open for interpretation.
    A version of my spellsword Venxia that would fit into your world of Alkotas.
    (References from the commission e-mail exchange or I can link them again.)

    And good luck with your own site.

  2. Fenoxo Fenfen
    Fenoxo Fenfen says:

    A futa girl with a big ol horse-dick with a crazy-straw stuck in the end of it that she’s apparently sucking on. Bonus points if she’s got cybernetics that project a pair of glowing holographic horns.

  3. nintendoplayers101
    nintendoplayers101 says:

    Hey there. Thanks for the chance for requests. ^^

    How about a Pokemon request? A male Mega Houndoom and a female Furfrou with a Kabuki Trim doing it doggystyle?

    If you need references, I’ll leave them down below.
    Pose Idea:

    Thanks again, and have a wonderful holiday season. 🙂

    GIGA-XISBASS says:

    I’d like PRINCESS HEART in her anthro form, giving SAMARA DARK, who’s wearing her white headband and red earring, in her feral alicorn form a full nelson while tentacles penatrate them to the point of cumming please. I’d like them both to have very huge boobs and for both to be in herm form please. SAMARA should have her huge crotchboobs showing with her “roundtable” in between them giving herself a boobjob thanks to her dark magic with her balls being lifted up by her magic showing her royal spot clearly and also fondling HEART’s balls. And lastly if it’s not any trouble have their nipples fully erected.

    Their roundtables are stallion based in this case like so and HEART’s wings are how the actual wings ref shows.

    Thank you.

    PRINCESS HEART ANTHRO FORM: (main ref) (secondary ref) (4th main ref & nude ref 4) (actual wings ref) (nude ref 3) (nude ref 4/herm ref 1) (nude ref 5/herm ref 2)

    SAMARA DARK ALICORN FORM: (feral pony form main ref/Herm ref 1) (feral pony form secondary ref/herm ref 2) (feral pony form 3rd main ref/herm ref 3) ( pony form main ref/herm ref 4) ( Pony form secondary ref/herm ref 5) ( pony form 3rd main ref/herm ref 6)

  5. EventSpawn
    EventSpawn says:

    I’d like an Oread. Based on an amethist … or opal if you want to get crazy with colors
    I had been looking for a named Oread, but I could only find Ruby …


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