The Cuirizu were created a long time ago as an offshoot from a prompt I was given for an online Text-base RPG. Myanna was the first of the Cuirizu to be created and over time I wanted to fill in more details about her race and what they were all about as well as show some variant characteristics as well.

Riva was the next Cuirizu to be created. Where Myanna has a vested interest in her Garden of Mortals and focuses on their quality of life and careful breeding, Riva is the opposite. Riva prefers Quantity over quality and will experiment with various mixes on a whim. Her Garden is tightly secured and it’s occupants reside in pens rather than rooms. She’s vain and petty and has secretly engaged in activities forbidden by the order of the Verdant Lust.

After Riva was created and the concept of her being something of a rule breaker came in to play I had to consider who it was that was making the rules. This was where Khatima came in and where Khatima was introduced a vast majority of the Cuirizu Lore followed. Khatima was established as the Order of the Verdant Lust’s “Primogen”. Each order follows a different set of ideals and methods for interacting with mortals and breeding new Cuirizu as set forth by their Primogen. While most Primogen are directly descended from the First Cuirizu, some are not and simply picked up the duties of Primogen when an offshoot order was created or a previous Primogen was slain.

Once the Order of the Verdant Lust was established through Khatima I began to fill out some of the other characters who occupy the order, which itself began with Khatima’s Honor Guard. Khatima has three guards of which one will accompany her at all times and which it is not uncommon for all three to be found with her while traveling. Each of the guards embodies or represents a season: Berana is Summer, Kokua is Winter, and Laselin is Autumn, with Khatima herself representing the Spring.

With the Verdant Lust set, other artists and friends of mine became interested in the characters and the lore I’d written for them. Through collaboration and suggestions given to me more Orders were created. First among the orders were the Scarlet Thorn, the Gilded Orchid, the Golden Sepal, the Vagrant Jasmine, and the Carnal Bloom. Soon after the Briar Harvest, the Elysium Apple, and the Deep Undergrowth were added along with the concept of rogue Cuirizu who were either never part of an order or chose to leave an order.

More possibilities for the Cuirizu exist still. This includes new orders with new Primogen, new structures of power, established rogues, and of course a multitude of new characters. The Cuirizu as a whole have a few traits that define them as a race and become more customizable as you narrow down their order and where they live. I’ve been working on other races to fill the world of Alkotas but I always come back to the Cuirizu as the first one I started to really hammer out for the world and did the most expansion for. I’m always on the lookout for new ideas from fans and fellow artists to fold into the canon and of course love to see when people express their appreciation for the race as a whole and for the specific characters who hail from it!

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