Kendra, Kadeshash to the temple of Kyridwen, has undergone a mission to the Realm of Tenebre Dontae. The Vishanti who live there are known to be reclusive, and conservative, but because of their alliance with WinderLae during the war against Damnsarlia goodwill relations have been established not only between the governments but also between the major religions of each realm. Kyridwen is the goddess of Love, Companionship, Sex, and Lust, is a major presence in the realm of WinderLae, and now it is establishing a presence in Tenebre Dontae.

The Vishanti of Tenebre Dontae follow a conservative faith, and such intimate acts of sex have never had a place in open society within the realm. Tensions mount as the interests of the two faiths clash, and Kendra finds an increasing amount of Vishanti to whom the benevolent faith of sex appeals to. Many of which among the royalty and government itself.

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