Another character within “The Affairs of Kyridwen” story. Aislynn is one of three daughters to the King of Tenebre Dontae, and at the age of 15 she attempted to confront a very powerful vampire with what she felt was a full proof plan. While the plan was good and injured the vampire immensely, Aislynn miscalculated and the Vampire Lord ripped her arm from its socket and fed from the blood pouring from it in front of her. Despite the loss of her arm and her blinding pain she was able to use spirits usually used for a defensive spell and bind them to herself, a taboo among Vishanti. The result was an arm that seems to be made of glass but is immensely stronger, at the time it merely bought her a means for escape but it would cost her.

Because of the taboo she could never show the arm to anyone outside her family or risk being cast out by the Priestesses of her people. She became a recluse, turning to glass crafting in an attempt to atone to the Choir of spirits she’d offended. Over the years she crafted many charms and other fine items but grew more distant….and more sexually frustrated. In the loneliness of her room she’d often draw pages upon pages of sexually explicit sketches which she hid away, along with any lewd glassware crafts she had. It wasn’t until Kadeshah Kendra came to Paclavia, the capitol of Tenebre Dontae that she began to venture out of her seclusion.

Believing she has found a new path to walk with the temple of Kyridwen, Aislynn enters the temple as an acolyte to provide companionship to others….

In Aislynn’s case the companionship is slightly specialized, she dominates and abuses those who seek it. A rage still boils within her from the loss of her arm, and she takes it out on those who come to the temple to ask for it. She dresses in leather, wears glass accessories, and proudly brandishes the wicked glass arm, and sexually ravages men and women alike with a deep sense of satisfaction in a controlled environment. In the end she feels better and so do they, but word will no doubt get back to the priestesses of the Vishanti faith, and the conflict between those who worship Kyridwen and those who worship Sophitia may come to a head at last.

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