Welcome Everybody to Renezuo.com, the place in which I’ll be operating out of from here on out!

As many of you know, I’ve been running a Patreon for a couple of years now. In that time I’ve discovered the benefits and limits of that format. It’s definitely got a lot of artists out there and it’s really done a lot to get people engaged with artists on an individual level. But Patreon has it’s problems that range from payment processing to security to posting formats. For a lot of people joining a patreon, going back through previous posts can be time consuming and can become even more of a hassle of an artist has been using the “e-mail method” for all of their releases. But having your own site works a little differently. With a site I have a lot more freedom with my format and a lot more freedom in the range of content I can offer therein.

So like… what kinds of stuff?

First off, I want to expand on my original content and the worlds they belong to. Fanart is great and almost every artists loves doing it for one reason or another but one of the most rewarding things anyone can experience is having their own creations can traction and be something that someone else might eventually do fanart of. I’m a strong believer that while many people just hit up pictures for fappage, plenty of them like to have that extra level of context that helps create the fantasy. I also believe it’s entirely possible to create great smut and tell a good story at the same time. My core setting, Codex Alkotas, is more or less a Dark Erotic Fantasy. You have your fantasy creatures, shifting alliances, magic, and so on…but you also have a very overt sexual theme that’s in there as well.

In addition to this I’d like to offer other materials related to those settings and characters as well as media that’s just fun to listen to or watch. One of the things I’d like to start getting rolling is offering materials for people to use in games, whether it be a Cuirizu monster Block for Pathfinder or the materials to my own original system that I’ve been building Angel Rangers on. And lastly there is, of course, comics. I started working on Verdant Memories a while back but kept getting diverted by the needs of things on Patreon. With my site I should not only be able to focus down the project to it’s completion but work on telling other stories of other characters people would be interested in.

So what happens to my patreon?

Well it’s going to change format. AnimeFlux, Myself, and a couple of other guys are going to be working on doing some development for game stuff. While some of you have seen the Angel Rangers project I was working on and may want to see that get done first, unfortunately it’s getting put on the back burner. Right now we have an idea that’s smaller in scale and might actually be easier to do releases for based on it’s format. We’ll be announcing this project soon and using my Patreon to manage the funding for it. The Patreon will shift over to a “per release” format and will not be changing people by the month any longer. If interest in the game projects is high enough and we can justify a ton of time being put into it we might switch back over to the per month format.

What’s the deal with Kupaa Networks?

Kupaa Networks provides the server space for Renezuo.com, Hizzacked.xxx, and AnimeFluxxx.com and links each of those sites together. If you are subscribed to one you gain access to all of them. Each of the sites is secure with the best we could get our hands on and provides flexible payment options. Kupaa functions on a multi-tiered format that will bring in more creators at different levels to offer more people many of the same options Hizzacked, AnimeFlux, and myself enjoy. Money is not shared between sites, you can subscribe to more than one to offer support but it’s not required in any way. We have an interest in developing our own IPs yes, but we’re also looking to work on things collaboratively. Other networks exist out there, and a lot of them are linked sites with their own offerings. Basically it’s like a collection plate that goes around, artists drop in what they have, and things get updated. With Kupaa we’re looking to engage with our users as well as each other in providing something that is not only enjoyable for our audience but also worth the money to every subscriber.

There’s a lot more to Kupaa than I’ve explained here. It’s actually fairly in depth and expansion will be happening in the future, but we don’t want to give everything away just yet. There’s some real cool stuff in the works that I know everyone will enjoy!

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